1. avatar emo goblin
    Okay, okay, I'm sorry for putting gigs up on the message boards....however, does anyone really ever look at the gig pages? I mean other than those putting gigs on or playing at them? I know when you go to the website you automatically get brought to the page, but does anyone actually browse it? Also, what about those who log in from the EZ Board web site? It bypasses th gig page....so is there anyway we can make peole take more of an account of gigs? Sorry again....
  2. avatar Blind Eye View
    I read the gigs page...
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    it would be cool if the gig listings could somehow be rigged up to the wee happenings thing at the top so one or two top gigs could be shown there

    the wonders of modern technology!
  4. avatar feline1
    There's always twits out there who think "but no-one reads the gigs/classifieds/... page" -

    this is silly.

    You read the classifieds page if you are looking to buy/hire someone/thing

    You read the gigs page if you wanna have a nite out and wanna see what's on.

    You don't read them if you just wanna chat of the boards.

    Similarly, in a newspaper, the horoscopes and telly programmes and classified ads are put in particular places, so people interested in them can find them.
    They don't put telly programmes in with the front page news columns, do they?
  5. avatar emo goblin
    No they dont....but; I rarely ever used to look at the gigs page until I started posting gigs myself in Fast Fude, instead I rely on word of mouth and posters which keep getting covered up by Shine.
  6. avatar jenl
    Well, it's right there, and you know how to use it.
  7. avatar emo goblin
    Fair enough - it is there, but could I then make a wish since this is after all the wish list? How about making it a bit more interactive so that we can write a description of touring bands? After all,where else, other than in the Forum could I have wrote about the Pattern's biog? I know that we can put links up , but some space to put some more info would be nice..
  8. avatar jenl
    Aye, it's a good idea, but that's why I created a field so that people could submit URL's alongside the band listings, thus if people wanted to find out about the bands they could follow the links.
    There are pop up windows for events like the upcoming Warzone Festival which have so much necessary info that it won't fit in the one slot of the calendar, and in cases like these I'm more than happy to create the pop ups.

    I'll look into creating pop up's for visiting acts (acts that aren't local) containing a biography or summat, but usually touring acts have a website, and I don't want to replace links to their sites with pop up biographies.
  9. avatar fastfude
    Yeah, what she said

    I suppose posting a thread in the forum giving info about a visiting band is fair-do's really, not a gig advert, but a biog and maybe some photos & audio links, just to inform and generate some interest...
  10. avatar emo goblin
    Excellent, thank you's very much for actually reading it. I understand that's it's unfair to clog up the forum with band proganda type stuff. I didnt know though that you actually did pop ups for some stuff; so I was wondering that some time in the future I wanna hold a sorta fest thing, in that case would you do a pop up for me? Thanx again for taking the time to read what I'd wrote.