1. avatar fastfude

    Any band can create a thread here to store their gig history to date.
    - Only one thread per band please. Use the edit function to update it.
    - Make the subject the name of your band and no more, for clarity.
    - This list ain't for future gigs, go to the gig listings section for that!
    - Usual story, don't abuse the forum please, its not fun, and you could get booted for it...
  2. avatar beerdrinkinfool
    As good an idea as the gig archive is, would a "band history" not be in some ways not more useful.
    thier gig history would be the major part of this, but bands could then include pieces of information like:

    -when they released a CD

    -when the lineup changed

    -any significant media attention (not jonny hero played us)

    does anybody else think that it could be more useful?
  3. avatar fastfude
    that kinda info will be available through the bands page database eventually. it's being worked on as we speak, but it'll a good while before it's ready to unleash on the world...