1. avatar biomass
    My first post!
    Why is it that only NIMIC stuff has been archived in the wonderous Dungeons of the Fastfude Archive? There have been a few other threads that were good. Perspectives on how to play certain toons and weird noises 'n' the like that would be nice to uh cache or something. For example the current "Vocals Question EPK". Things in that vein.
  2. avatar fastfude
    yep, as stuff falls off the front page, it can be archived. I leave on t'forum for a while in case it does get restarted, but once its 2 or 3 pages down it can be moved.
  3. avatar Kenny jasper
    Yeah the archive could do with a few more threads, as at the moment it looks like all we used to do on Fastfude was attack NIMIC
  4. avatar fastfude
    that *was* all you used to do!

    seriously tho, it'll build up over time. I'd rather have one good topic added per month than 20 naff ones just for the sake of filling it. Go write some good stuff!
  5. avatar Blind Eye View
    Rog, in the article about Vocal effects wouldn't it be better to delete my posts about gay bars etc as they're not really relevant ??
  6. avatar EPK
    Wouldn't it be better to delete them before you post them?
  7. avatar feline1
    No, I think in the long term Ryan will be pleased that he showed us his "sensitive side" in that thread ;-)