1. avatar fastfude
    ezBoard are beta testing their new Community Chest feature soon, and our server (pub38)
    will be one of the ones used during phase 2 of the test. Find out more here:

    [url][/url] Edited by: fastfude at: 7/5/01 5:07:51 pm
  2. avatar fastfude
    OK, it's finally active on our server.

    The current CSC Gold was bought by me in April, so it'll expire around 1st week of September sometime. That gives us a bit over 2 months to compile the necessary readies ($105 or roughly £75) to renew it for the next six months.

    Basically it'll keep the ezBoard completely ad-free and gives infinite free backup & restore capability should SanFrancisco (where the board lives) ever get nuked.
  3. avatar Kenny jasper
    How do members who don't have a credit card go about submitting some dosh?
  4. avatar fastfude
    I think there's a few methods of payment, including post. If you click the "make a contribution" link it gives you the options somewhere...
  5. avatar Blind Eye View
    why not get someone to get a wee collecting tin to bring with 'em to gigs, if users all gave a bit of spare change when they're pissed it'll all soon add up ?
  6. avatar beerdrinkinfool
    doing that allows us folks without credit cards to contribute easily - instead of posting stuff to america
  7. avatar Kenny jasper
    We could get a load of FF band demos together and have a raffle for them. Charge a couple of quid a ticket, and if all 1000 odd registered 'fuders bought a ticket you'd have enough CSC money until 2010 or something