1. avatar Grace Slick 1969
    This isn't a wish or suggestion or anything. But i was wondering: How/when/why r moderators chosen?

    If one can't hack the pressure anymore do the rest of the moderators elect someone, or is it just Rog? And how do y'all choose? What do u take into consideration?

    I don't have any complaints about any of the current moderators or anything..I'm really just wondering how its done.
  2. avatar jenl
    Well, I know that I was chosen for my boyish good looks ... no, wait ... d'oh!
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  3. avatar fastfude
    Well it really just depends the circumstance, how heavy traffic is on the site, if an existing mod needs to stand down because of other obligations, or if there's just someone who seems to fit the bill and is willing and able.

    It's usually a case of one of us suggests it to the others and some sort of concensus is reached... no hard and fast rules per se.
  4. avatar Grace Slick 1969
    aye jen..u r my favourite moderator ye know,

    next time can everyone have a vote..i want Die the flu to be a moderator..i dunno why really, but sometimes he makes sense.
  5. avatar die the flu
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  6. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    ok don't worry about it..
    i don't think my opinion holds that much weight around here.

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