1. avatar Blind Eye View
    for the icon for an All Ages show you have an 18 inside a circle, but wouldn't it be more logical to have a line through it as at the moment it looks a logo for an over 18 only show rather than the opposite ?!?!
  2. avatar fastfude
    I tried that, but it's so wee that the line obscures the 18 so it looks like nuthin'
  3. avatar Blind Eye View
    hows about using a 'U' like the Cinema ratings ?
  4. avatar fastfude
    good idea!

    I'll give it a whirl
  5. avatar jenl
    That's much better.
    I thought that maybe you'd try AA for All Ages, but then I realised that it'd look more like Alcoholics Anonomous...then again, half the people on these boards need to belong to alcoholics anonomous
  6. avatar Blind Eye View