1. avatar No31online
    FastFude's *only music talk* agenda is cool and serves a purpose in the main forum. But have you any plans for an open forum where musicians can chat and debate between themselves about other things.
    As much as we all argue between ourselves about music genres & prefered sounds etc, the fact that everyone is here under a common love of making music in general, holds weight that we might see eye to eye on some other issues.
    I suppose in a way the forum already is used for this, but in my experience the moderators seem to frown upon it.

    So does Fast Fude want to be the hub of the *music* in NI? OR the hub of the *musicians* in NI? Why cant it be both???

    Someone has mentioned this before, and
    thought i was a good idea. So
    i thought i'd ask what u all thought about it.
  2. avatar Niall Harden
    i think there was one once, but it got abused and crap, like one would if they made one now.
    hence, they won't
  3. avatar Grace Slick 1969
    My first post!
    aye..there used to be one, But no-one used the main one then,..and stuff on the open forum was moderated just as much.

    There r already loads of other message boards, frequented by musicians and such likes in, which u discuss whatever u want in.
  4. avatar No31online
    Ok, so what does that mean?.....That we'll just sit in here 24/7, 365, rehashing the same converstion etc.
    Sounds like the NI news to me.
    And you know how much we all love that..............cough!!
  5. avatar EPK
    As Gracie said,we did indeed have two forums....a main moderated one for "serious stuff", and the othe unmoderated one for other stuff. All on the pretext that people were smart enough to organise themselves and didn't need policed.
    Except that it wasn't quite like that, and
    it quickly filled with anonymous f**kwits spitting at each other and saying things that were in danger of getting the whole show closed down, whilst the serious stuff got ignored, and we ended up with a cross between the average AOL chatroom and a toilet wall.
    So...that's why we are here in the form we are. It's the only way that works.
  6. avatar feline1
    No31 Online, ewe already have your own spide EZboard!
    You're just being greedy.
  7. avatar lemonianta
    i quite like it *just* the way it is :)
  8. avatar fastfude
    yep, sorry, been there, done that, ain't going back
  9. avatar jenl
    Well, I don't know if it's that Fastfude has a problem with people talking non-music related stuff.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but I understood it as a problme with libellous and seriously offensive posts that cause concern.
    Such posts usually generate on non-moderated non-music related forums.