1. avatar fastfude

    they're reporting possible problems with certain board features on their new version (6.2.2) I don't think we've been upgraded yet, so I'm not sure we're suffereing them, but check out that link if you do run into problems.
  2. avatar feline1
    Well Rog, it *does* say "Powered By ezboardĀ® Ver. 6.2 b9" at the
    bottom of ewer page.... :-)
  3. avatar fastfude
    that jus' a bit of static text tho and they've been other patching boards for about the last three days now
  4. avatar GuanoAped
    whatever you do dont use your control centre until they fix them, theres loads of ezboards locked up because of the bug, the support forums are quite funny all these panicky ezboard ppl talking to each other "do u have vanchu number" and suf
  5. avatar y2a c
    i havent been near my control centre today but "mark forum read hasnt been working at all."

    ive tried it on 5 boards and it pretends its doing something and then blatantly doesnt.

    this is playing havoc with my life.
  6. avatar jenl
    Yes, the "mark forum read" has been messing with my head.
    It took me 3 days to work out why the messages on the skibunny board weren't appearing.
    I thought that someone had hacked into the site and deleted all the posts.
    Then I worked out that if you are logged in you don't see the messages which haven't had any new replies.