1. avatar fastfude
    I've noticed a few bands try to update their entry by posting a whole new one. This won't work. You should use the aptly named "update" link instead. Duplicates will just get erased I'm afraid...
  2. avatar feline1
    Yes but if they're too stupid to figure this out for themselves,
    then there's no way they'll be dutiful browsers of this forum either,
    and will instead inevitably post in the main forum some plaintive
    wail about their band entry being erased. :-)
  3. avatar Anonymous
    yes, but what happens if some eejet comes along and deletes your whole band thing. if i do it again will it work?
  4. avatar fastfude
    no-one can delete your whole band thing. only the duplicate gets deleted... the original entry will still remain, you just gotta update it instead of makinga whole new one
  5. avatar four star recordings
    my band thing got deleted i'm pretty sure - the 'duplicate' i sent was meant to be an updated version and it got deleted too

    ironic given that we're now ACTUALLY a band...
  6. avatar fastfude
    the "****" entry is still there as far as I can see?
  7. avatar four star recordings
    so it is
    more importantly though...
    '****' is, according to fastfude, 'Not a valid band name' as when i try to update the entry (using the password you emailed me!) it says that it's invalid. Hence i might need to change it to 'Four Star' or something slightly more sensible

    also the pic's not werking cos my crappy free webspace provider isn't letting me link to it... i want the pic to be this:
    but ummm i can't update the entry.
    sorry for being a hassle
  8. avatar four star recordings
    is there any way you can either change the name to Four Star or confirm the password for me? or should i just resubmit another entry as some sort of valid band name? also we log in as Four Star Recordings, Radcliff Moonunit, Niall Harden and Glzebub of Four Star. mih.
  9. avatar Anonymous
    yes. but the petrina goatboy one has gone. its not there. just as we were about to start doing stuff over the summer.