1. avatar die the flu
    Like pissed (p i s s e d) and any other mild ones...ah go on :)

    I really think it should be switched off altogether...if someone wants to say f u c k, then they do that, or fuk, fu(k, fcuk, fúck, fùck, fûck, fück, it all gets the point across, why not just let them say @#%$?
  2. avatar fastfude
    the reason it's on at all is simply to dumb down some of the immature rants where people think it's ok to throw a ton of condescending and often libellous slags at various memers of the music scene. This doesn't do anyone any favours, and it's a headache I could do without, as the targets of said abuse often react with equal immaturity and aggression and the whole downward spiral kicks in again...
    In an ideal world, people would use swearing for emphasis and not to degrade others, but unfortunately that aint the case here. You @#%$.

    There's only about 7 words in the filter anyway.
  3. avatar die the flu
    Ooooooh, 7 words (a la Deftones?)

    Lemme guess what they are...

    Well, @#%$ obviously, and @#%$.
    I'd guess @#%$ would be in...That's five...um, bollocks?
    Ohyeah, and @#%$.
    Is dick in?
    That'd be eight :)
  4. avatar die the flu
    Agh, that was only five :)

    Um, @#%$?
    @#%$ and bitch?
  5. avatar die the flu
    Woo'hoo, that's all seven cuss words.
    Is rape still in?...And "ream"?.
    Heehee, curtailing the DF's humour by banning the word "ream".
  6. avatar die the flu
    I like the filter, you can't call someone a B A S T A R D, but you can call them a bitch, sexism is alive and well ;P
  7. avatar forkoid
    Another thing to consider is some users (me included) are using School/collage computers which have pretty strong firewalls. This means any post with the 'eff' word in in unviewable. Since Cormcolash said that word in my Birthday thread i wasn't able to see it.
    The firewall also cuts words like W_hore, Pi_ssed, C_unt ect.

    So please do not remove the filter!
  8. avatar forkoid
    And another thing, if one thread has two or more 'Eff's in, the whole site can be blocked by the server!!!
  9. avatar die the flu
    Collage computers?
    Is that a computer all smashed up and stuck artistically on the wall? ;)

    How did Cormack say it if it's banned?

    Will you not be able to look at this if I couldn't be fucked swearing?
    Oops :)
  10. avatar forkoid
    I didn't see the bottom of your post die. Were you bold?

    Sometimes the swear filter does get some of the '@#%$'s. I don't know why! Ask Rog! But when they show my Fastfude experience gets severely ballaxd!

    Plus my younger bro ( ;O) ) reads the site and might be offended!
  11. avatar insincerejon
    I like 7 words
  12. avatar Cormcolash
    Must've been cause I wrote f u c k i n and it gets through the filter but the college computer still sees it.
  13. avatar Baron Sized
    I like 7 seconds.
  14. avatar insincerejon
    please take @#%$?&%£:#~ out, for goodness sake!
  15. avatar Blind Eye View
    does the swear filter recognise combination swear words like cuntfucker ???
  16. avatar Blind Eye View
    Ya Ah ! Lets all get cunted_ta_@#%$ !
  17. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Can you take martyisawanker out of the swear filter?
  18. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Oh I see you already have done. Cheers.
  19. avatar fhoadam
    lol, class