1. avatar fastfude
    Looking at the links page today, and thought it could use an overhaul. I'm a firm believer in the "less is more" ethos, so I'm thinking of reducing the content to a smaller number of more "relevant" links. Sites you lot actually find useful or entertaining etc, rather than the same 100 links to nowhere that all the search engines barf up.
    So what I want for this thread are suggestions for new categories, URLs to sites (perhaps some explanation of the site too) and so on.

    NOTE: I won't be taking any band sites, so don't post em. They'll be coming off the links page as part of the reworking, and reorganised via the bands database.
  2. avatar GuanoAped
    maybe a top level of important ones with sub pages for reference

    mine hasnt anything whatsoever to do with northern ireland music (part from a rhesus soundtrack to one of the videos)
    but free free to file it under other>useless>boredumb>misc>
  3. avatar Anonymous
    once i discovered that the rhesus song was on the site i decided to visit it. what a damn cool site. nice one.
  4. avatar Blind Eye View
    well you can leave all the band webistes out as they'll be on their band page entries, but Peoplesound, MP3.com and Vitaminic would be good additions...
  5. avatar forkoid
    What about Sub catagories?

    As in When you open the links page 4-5 links come up:

    record Companies
    Recording studios,

    Click one and it takes you to another page with the apropriat links on. I feel this would make it tidyer and a lot easier to fing what your looking for.

    Any thoughts?
  6. avatar fastfude
    hmm, it's a possibility, although I prefer the idea of having them all accessible in one click. I guess it depends how big the list gets in this revision. As I mentioned earlier, I'd like to keep it short and sweet, just the *genuinely* useful sites, none of the usual gratuitous links that appear everywhere, but nobody really uses. Going for some quality here folks

    The beginnings are here: [url="http://www.fastfude.com/links_rev.htm"]Revised Links page (beta)[/url]
  7. avatar die the flu
    Well BURBS is now burbs.co.uk and stands for "Underground" rock bands, instead of unsigned.

    A link to real.com might be an idea...

    And download.com has got lots of rippers and stuff for people wanting to put MP3s of their songs up.

    And theres always [url="http://www.muh.com"]muh.com[/url], thought I'm not sure German sites for consistent joint management and the development of the former business regions towards new products and services is that locally relevant...
  8. avatar forkoid
    What about even a list of e-mail adresseseses for the record companies/venues/studios ect?

    It's looking good so far tho!
  9. avatar jenl
    a wee script so that you know which link you are hovering over, leek!
    right now, while it's clearly text, it looks like an image map.
    very nice though!
  10. avatar fastfude
    you mean like [url="http://www.fastfude.com/links_rev.htm"]that[/url]?
  11. avatar jenl
    the script (or whatever was used) isn't working for me :-(
  12. avatar fastfude
    just so I know we're talking about the same thing: do you mean the way links have no underline normally, but when you roll over them, they do? If so, it's a CSS thing, which works on IE 4+ and NS 6+ (but not NS 4.x). Ain't no scripting in it
  13. avatar jenl
    aye, thats what i'm talking aboooot!
  14. avatar fastfude
    so what browser & OS are you looking at it on then?
  15. avatar jenl
    internet explorer 4.0 (hahahahaha) and what the hell is OS?
  16. avatar fastfude
    operatin' systum

    windows 95 / 98 / SE / ME / XP / NT / 2000
    mac os 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / X
    linux red hat / oh hell you get my meaning by now

    some systems have dodgier font handling and CSS support than others. Mac OS 9 with IE5.5 or Win98 with IE 5.0 are good starting points, but less than that is a bit wick.
  17. avatar The Prevelant Sun
    My first post!
    I agree with forkoid!

    when u click links u could have a menu along the top with:

    and on that page also have some fun links!

    by the way!
    how do u get onto that page???
  18. avatar Blind Eye View
    the new links page is great, but would it be possible to set out a sort of grid, or use boxes as with just the text it looks a bit messy and if each section was 'boxed' off it'd be much clearer IMO.....
  19. avatar Blind Eye View
    by the way, the new links page works fine in IE but when i try to open it in netscape I get a 'NTL homepage not found' error ?!?!
  20. avatar fastfude
    ah think I fixed it. I hadn't uploaded the CSS file, and Netscape panicked. I think.