1. avatar die the flu
    What the hell has just happened? :)
  2. avatar die the flu
    Somethings definitely wrong here :)
  3. avatar New European
    "You know what Gary, something happened here today...something goooooodd....."
  4. avatar fastfude
    read the wishlist foo'!
  5. avatar die the flu
    It's very difficult to read *anything* :/

    "A little icky baking" copied and pasted becomes "A little icky looking"
  6. avatar fastfude
    lol! what's your browser / OS / screen res then?
  7. avatar Suki Monster
    Its all gone big
  8. avatar die the flu
    I have to copy and paste posts into Word to be able to read them...they're ridiculously small...

    I'm using IE5.5 on Win95 and my screens set to 800x600.

    Everythings really, really small...
  9. avatar Kiddingmyself
    It's really small here too. Not so small that I need to past it into Word, but definitely a lot smaller than before. I'm using Netscape Communicator 4.72 with Windows 2000. Resolution 1024x768 with 17inch monitor.
    It's making my head hurt!
  10. avatar chris slipgate
    text on my screen is just ludicrously small. Would someone mind emailing me at slipgate5@hotmail.com on how to rectify this? Many thanks.
  11. avatar Anonymous
    woww. my text is fuckin huge. its great. less starain on me eyes.
  12. avatar fastfude
    okay howzat look? I've switched it to ezBoards default stylesheet. Bit scary, but I'll poke at it a bit...
  13. avatar die the flu
    Aye, s'all back to normal now.
    That was all a bit odd...
  14. avatar feline1
    Ewe know, the whole "debacle" has prompted me to buy O'Reilly's
    "Definitive Guide to HTML and XHTML 4th Edition".
    Soon I will know all the facts in the werld!!!!!!!! :-)
  15. avatar GuanoAped
    i think dreamweaver has that guide built in now
  16. avatar fhoadam
    ...David is silly and will only use notepad do do his websites isnt that right? he misses out o all the good stuff that good ole dreameaver has to offer!
  17. avatar feline1
    yes, I write all my own code in Notepad.
    That way I know what's in there and what it does
    without any fuss and nonsense.

    The time will come soon when I shall being writing it all in vi though! :-)
  18. avatar fastfude
    ha! I used to have to tweak Apache config scripts in vi at work. Jeesus, that was a freakin' nightmare. What possesed Unix's designers to pick the command names and parameters they did? They're completely unintuitive! I had to have a huge printout of every freaking command *ever* beside me as I typed. Even scrolling through pages of text was an ordeal if you didn't memorize the key commands

    ...and they wonder why Microsoft and Apple are successful?
  19. avatar GingerHendrix
    My first post!
    Yes but why does everyone not just use emacs - powerful, intuitive, stabel, FREE available for neartly every OS.
  20. avatar feline1
    because, Ginger Hendrix old bean,
    vi is ALWAYS available on EVERY Unix System,
    even if ewe have to boot up in something scarey like
    "Single User Mode",
    wheras emacs may not ALWAYS be there.

    Hence, it "pays" to know vi.

    Actually, if ewe spend enough time with vi,
    ewe do end up memorising loads of the commands and
    can eventually touch type them - which ends up
    being INCREDIBLY fast...
    ...it literally does date from the days of teletypes ewe see.
    And anyway, it was a big step forward from ed (or was it ex?)
    which only let ewe edit one line of ASCII at a time :-)
  21. avatar fastfude
    Personally I'm learning to write HTML using two bits of wire and a logic gate
  22. avatar feline1
    Yeah, computers have never been the same since they took away the row of binary lights and switches, and switched to abstracted keyboard control for data input :-)
  23. avatar GuanoAped
    writing programs in machine code using reference cards is much more fun than these so called "higher level" languages
  24. avatar fastfude
    Neu! Pentium Five with analogue valve technology
    Neu! AMD Turdon with *real live* ants in tubes!
  25. avatar feline1
    Yeah man!
    Oh for the days when a bug was a REAL bug....
  26. avatar insincerejon
    I'm off to tell Terry Pratchett to sue!

    That things a direct rip-off of HEX!!

    Damn these large, theiving chip-men....