1. avatar zebulon
    Where does the "Happenings" information actually come from, and how does it get up where we can see it??
  2. avatar jenl
    i'm assuming it come from the gigs listings page.
    some sorta special programming thingy that takes info directly from the gigs listsings page.
    i'm well impressed with it!
    only downfall : the text is a wee bit too small.
    i can read it an' all, it's just giving me a sore heeed!
  3. avatar fastfude
    heh, not quite so glamorous as taking it from the bands database I'm afraid. Although there is some cute javascript running it which I'm kinda proud of

    Basically it reads the date from your system clock and displays some HTML that I've (manually) assigned for whatever day it is.
    The idea is to produce a listing of weekly occuring "stuff" for the scene, to remind y'all whats on each day. I'm talking about weekly radio shows like ATL or Evening Sesh, and clubs like !DiRT & Skibunny etc. The list will expand as I compile all the info (feel free to contribute!)
    I'd eventually like to include the gigs from the bands page, but that's huge other kettle o' molluscs that only Steve has a hope of figuring out
  4. avatar die the flu
    My knowledge of programming is severly limited, but surely it'd be easier to set-up another database type thing (seperate to and supplementing the gigs page) which you put basic gig details into and the script extracts them from that, rather than coming up with some hair-brained scheme to try and extract the information from the posts on the current gigs page?
    Something similar to what you've got now for the clubs/radio bit, but have anyone who's registered on the bands page being able to access it via their existing user name (i.e. their band name) and their band name password...

    Or summat leek, know whad I mean leek?
    Little bit waaay...little bit whoooaaa...
  5. avatar Blind Eye View
    once the 'Calender' set up for the gigs page is done (by the Mighty Steve Riffmaster) that shouldn't be too much of a task , and I'm sure Stever can do it as people will be inputting their info in that sort of a format anyway....