1. avatar feline1

    EZboard have switch to their "6.2" software today -

    it's style sheet HELL here on my 1600x1200 monitor :-(

    The default style sheet has TINY text -
    turn it off, though, and everything goes far too ahine
    for my liking.
    Ahine :-(
  2. avatar fastfude
    not a problem

    I was looking at this yesterday on a beta board. I'm going to write a style sheet to replace with with scaleable fonts. In fact you can help by checking out [url][/url] which is my current guinea pig for such matters. It's got the beginnings of a customised style sheet goin' on.
  3. avatar fhoadam
    ok, so how do you edit the stylesheets? is that in the html or is it in the control center?
  4. avatar GuanoAped
    arggh the new sheets over-rode my own one... but i soon fixed that
    yay they apply now to the add topic/rely pages now as well without having to hack the hell outta the control centre like used to had to get that effect(eg like my profile
  5. avatar fastfude
    In the Advanced section of your board controls, diable the default stylesheet by clearing the checkbox, then copy and paste your own CSS code into the Header field
  6. avatar fhoadam
    ah right, cheers
  7. avatar fastfude
    I'm beginning to realise that the style sheet functionality is only the very basic frills so far. From the talk on the ezBoard fourms, it seems it'll gradually become more extensive and flexible, but for now, there's gonna be a few holes.
  8. avatar fastfude
    hum. stuck a temporary style sheet up which should help with scaleable fonts, although it's a little icky looking. I'm werkin on it...