1. avatar die the flu
    Or it might just be that it's 1:00am...But surely someone can get the following buttons to line up in a topic? (Something like this):

    And yes, I do have to flick the lights on and off six times when I enter a room.

    ;P Edited by: die the flu at: 5/20/01 1:25:25 am
  2. avatar insincerejon
    i think the next ezbeard release will be a wee bit more customisable

  3. avatar fhoadam
    lets hope the whos online feature will be more customizable cos to be quite rank, it sucks
  4. avatar Niall Harden
    to be quite rank
  5. avatar insincerejon
    It DOES suck, you can't even change its colours separately from the main forum table
  6. avatar fhoadam
    yay, agreeance, i want more font options too
  7. avatar insincerejon
    i suggest a full frontal attack on ezbored HQ!!!

    i don't see what stading there naked will do, but hey, its warm


  8. avatar fastfude
    yeah it bugs me too, but as was said above, ezBoard are promising a new template system soon(ish) which might help there...