1. avatar forkoid
    Is there any chance of a private massaging system that doesn't involve e-mail addresses?

    What about a seperate "Your Private Messages" forum that you can check only when you've logged in. Any private messages you recieve, will go into that page, and you can get them whenever you log in next.

    Surely this would be better for sending instant messages to someone who you know is on-line, rather than posting "Oi, 'whoever', check your hotmail inbox! I've sent you a message!"

    This means also, that anyone with an account can be contacted privately, instantly, without listing an e-mail address.

    I don't know, maybe it's a cr@p idea, but it was just a thought!

  2. avatar fastfude
    let's see, I've got a magic wand here somewhere...

    no, sorry, ain't no freakin way to give everyone a personal forum or anything. this would really be a functionality request better placed on ezBoard's own user forums...
  3. avatar forkoid
    Oh right! Sorry!
  4. avatar Professor Bernard Quaterm
    Forkoid, if you read the details in you ezboard Control Panel and opened your eyes a bit, you'd see the following:

    You MUST supply an email address to get an ezboard account.
    You can enable "Accept Private Messages" in you Preferences page.
    This allows someone to send you a message without ever knowing your email address.
    If you (or the person you're sending to) don't check email often, that's up to you.
    Some people don't want to be constantly contactable.

    If you want someone to receive your messages as soon as you send them, you're on a hiding to nothing.
    Ask your mates to install ICQ or MSN Messenger or AIM if you want to have little chats.
  5. avatar forkoid
    Yeah i know all that, but i thought it might be usefull to keep all private messages on fastfude, ON fastfude.

    No matter now anyway, Rog sez NO CHANCE anyway. Sorry Rog, i never acctually thought about what it would actually intail! No-way EZboard would give us all a free "Inbox" type forum unless we paid them mondosh!
  6. avatar die the flu
    Hmmmm...the guy on the left of your photo looks like Lipsybaby (although rather mangled)...is some of Smokin' Arizona in Forkoid?
  7. avatar forkoid
    NOPE, sorry mate, don't know the smokin' arizona guys. Our faces are rather mangled but we are part of the 'faceless' dance music scene, ya'see! ;O)