1. avatar feline1
    Can ewe perchance make "Derridean" a hyperliink to


    (which is the "Jacques Derrida On-line" page),
    so that my FAQ does not just spawn a "what is 'derridean'?!"
    FAQ ;-)

    Also perchance could "in 1990" be changed to "circa 1990"?

    Merci boucoup...
  2. avatar EPK
    I think there's a hint of haziness about what the FAQ forum will contain. I predict it won't be people posting their own FAQs.
  3. avatar feline1
    the FAQ forum will contain, I should imagine,
    a list of Questions which Frequently get Asked on Fastfude.

    The question "What does AHINE mean?" is most undoubtedly
    a FAQ on Fastfude and thus should be in the FAQ.

    I would simply like to give as full an answer as possible,
    which inescapably involves a link to renowed post-structuralist
    philosopher Jacques Derridda, who is taught in universities
    every bit as much as micro-biology, and therefore
    is *unquestionably* valid ;-)
  4. avatar Cormcolash
    I would say it would contain a list of questions people who don't use Fastfude and visit it for the first time might ask about it.
  5. avatar jenl
    and a lot of people ask "what does ahine mean?"... maybe i'll start a thread titled "why do people ask what ahine means?"
    or perhaps "i am ahine, therefore i am?".
  6. avatar feline1
    It not that they *ask*, it's that they get SCARED AND ANGRY when
    they don't understand that is the innaresting/revealing part.