1. avatar noelyg05
    The Varionis require a lead guitarist to complete the band. We are a singer/guitarist, bassist and drummer all in our mid 20's. We have a practice space booked twice a week in the Belfast area and are looking for someone who will be 110% committed to the cause. We have our own material written and are aiming for upbeat catchy indie tunes influenced by the likes of the Libs,We are Scientists, the Strokes, the View, the Cribs etc... Ideally we want someone we can hit the ground running with our current material and contribute to the song writing and backing vocals. Looking to record and gig by the new year.We are all down to earth easy going blokes, If you are interested please get in touch for an audition. No time wasters please.


  2. avatar Dr Zoidberg
    what about image? is that important??
  3. avatar noelyg05
    yeah no beards
  4. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    i have a beard but might be interested. any material?
  5. avatar noelyg05
    We have nothing recorded at the minute but welcome you to come and have a listen to us
  6. avatar Soup_Nazi
    Id be major interested if I dont have to play any NoWaySis covers - or wear jeans 24/7. But I love writing songs (my major passion) and my major influences are Beatles, RHCP, Guns, Clash, Manics, Bowie, Strokes etc etc.

    Equipment wise I play both Gibson "The Paul" (heavy tone-tastic guitar) and a sexy Fender Strat through a Fender Stage 160w amp. Plus an arrane of pedals.

    Im 25, at Queens, and live in South Belfast.

    Where you guys practice? How much contribution to songs would a potential new member get?


  7. avatar noelyg05
    We are looking for someone to come in and add to our current material and to come up with new material. We practice on the Springfield road at the min so pretty handy for south belfast. Don't worry we arent playing any covers!!
  8. avatar noelyg05
    Anyone else interested?
  9. avatar noelyg05
  10. avatar noelyg05
    still looking
  11. avatar GaryKnows
    im interested....still need a player?
  12. avatar noelyg05