1. avatar die the flu
    Could be useful.
    I'm getting sick of typing in [url="http://www.soundmill.co.uk"]www.soundmill.co.uk[/url] every bleddy week, and explaining how to got to [url="http://www.real.com"]www.real.com[/url] and download RealProducer :/

    What fun y'all.
  2. avatar fastfude
    'Tis in progress, James is digging out one from yesteryear for y'all
  3. avatar fastfude
    I've created an FAQ Forum now, so you can post your questions as topics (only 1 per topic please).
    The forum is screened to allow the mods time find an answer

    Not every question will get through, as it's meant to be a FREQUENTLY asked questions forum not an ANY OLD question forum! So it'll run roughly on the premise of subject matter that recurrs a lot on the other forums or in general conversation in the scene at large, plus whatever stuff the mods come across in their travels that they think might be of interest to you... As with all FF stuff, it's flexible and open to suggestions on modification.
  4. avatar die the flu
    Oops, should've checked here before posting a Muh? on it...

    First FAQ question..."Whats an FAQ?" :)
  5. avatar fastfude
    you posted "Muh?" on the FAQ and "what's an FAQ?" on the wishlist... boy are you confused today!