1. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    A seperate wee board, maybe of only a page or two, like a free for all.

    If it is abused or misused then just take it away again. That way it's success would be firmly in the hands of the posters here.

    Perhaps this would ensure no slagging and bullsh*tting, and perhaps, one day, we will all be friends, and the sense of camaraderie between fastfuders will be a huge unstoppable force that will sweep away those who choose to disrespect us and our music.
  2. avatar jenl
    probably not, as the chance of the board being misused (again) is pretty high ... the solution is not in adding (another) unmoderated board, but in making people realise that they should take responsibility for themselves.
  3. avatar feline1
    Why not try using the Fragile Human Organs board as the free one, and see how it goes...?
  4. avatar fastfude
    Jen's dead right, no chance
  5. avatar Niall Harden
    t'wouldn't be misused
    t'would be a bit like the STP board, which rules
    as long as u ban that eejit fish
    what a twat!
    it'd be like the dangerfields/****/feline dream etc etc ranom waffling page, still abuse free but less.......strict. musical. y'know?
  6. avatar y2a c
    what is the point in adding one on fastfude?

    that still leaves fastfude possibly held responsible for some quite libellous content.

    surely people can go elsewhere.

    how about you all meet up some sunday night in the chatrooom and agree to use one other board, or even a group of boards for random cack spouting
  7. avatar fhoadam
    now now dave, we dont want all the cheeky fastfuders blocking up are sensible, intelligent, thought provoking board now do we? we could use yours instead as there's nothing of interest on it anyway apart from that light isolation thing

  8. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Auch I suppose you've all got a point. Maybe someday.......
  9. avatar Cormcolash
    I'm suing Fastfude. Someone said my dad's trousers are always up. This is clearly not true. Expect a phone-call from my lawyers.
  10. avatar jenl
    yep, that's all it takes ... see how easy it is Corm?!
  11. avatar Baron Sized
    It made me laugh.......

  12. avatar platform blues
    I agree with Niall, why doesnt everyone just go to somewhere like skinthepig where it's just a big mad free for all?

    or.....make a new one, which has nowt to do with fastfude.
  13. avatar fhoadam
    theres far too many boards. and 90 % percent of them are run by children who talk bollocks all day, so for god sake dont start another one. loady oul balls