1. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Okay, I know it's been a while, but I've finally got a few spare hours this weekend and I'm gonna sort out that band page... :)

    So far, I've split it into two lists - the A list and B list. The A list is bands who've updated in the past two month, and the B list is band who haven't, basically. Anyone who hasn't updated in over four months, is presumed dead, and not displayed. This is just a temporary measure until I figure out a way of combing the ideas put forward by Rog and EPK about how the A and B lists should be divided.

    You can add in more info to your info now, and I'll get that all linked in and displayed and stuff shortly.

    I've stuck in some dodgy Javascript to remove broken images, which kinda works - have a look and you'll se what I mean.

    I'm about to allow "A HREF"s in the info part here, so that should be working asap.

    I have a list of stuff at home, which I'll sort out once I'm out of work! :)

  2. avatar jenl
    there seems to be a script error on the bands page.

    also, is it possible to allow users to scroll through the bands, instead of having to choose from the drop down list.

    and perhaps having all A and B list bands on the one page, but the B lists bands are under the "b list" heading and stay at the bottom of the page.

    perhaps you've done all this, but the only band i can view is rhesus, and no one else.
  3. avatar die the flu
    Hey, thats all that matters ;)
  4. avatar fastfude
    I got about 10 bands listed , Rhesus being the last one, followed by

    Next gig: Auntie Annies -
    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

    Type mismatch: 'formatdatetime'

    /ff/index.asp, line 159

    great to hear progress is being made though! *gets all excited and has to lie down*
  5. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I don't get the error strangely, though I've figured out what causes it and I've sorted it out.

    I think having the A and B list bands on different pages helps cut down the load time for the page, which can only be a good thing. Having em both on the same page is a wee hair pointless, perhaps?

    And as for scrolling through them rather than choosing from the drop down box - I'm not entirely sure what you mean. You can scroll down the page using the wee bar at the side yknow...

    Anyone tested the EZboard name feature yet? I notice different names are linked slightly differently on EZBoard, which could mess things up...

  6. avatar die the flu
    Yeah...Um...that might've been me messing it up.
    I'd put "May" in as our next gig date and it got all messy and didn't like it; I got thawn message, so I flicked back and took the "May" out and it werked.
    But then the bottom of the page was bollocksed up.

    Oops :)
  7. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I'll add some more in...
  8. avatar fastfude
    yeah, separating the A/B lists to separate pages help mucho with page loading. The main culprits there are the images of course. If people insist on entering huge big unoptimized JPEGs at 1000x1000 or sthg, it just kills the loadout... grr. 150x100 people! use it!

    one idea for the A/B filter we had was that 'A' bands were ones with upcoming gigs, 'B' bands without. Before anyone says it, it's not a quality vet or anything so biased, just a badly needed way to view the currently active bands in the scene!
    Further suggestions on this one welcome.
  9. avatar EPK
    The main thrust towards the AS/B thing will eventually mean that active bands..that is, gigging, recording and releasing material, will be on the A list, and others, the lazy,the wannabees, the spoofers, will be on list B as they ain't actually doing the things that will get them onto list B. Now, if they do move themselves, they get promoted..hey!!!!!!
    Now,there's an incentive.
    Presently people do visit the site to check out bands, and the active should be weeded out from the others, to assist in their promotion.
  10. avatar die the flu
    That's quite clever...who thought it up?
  11. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    ...it must have come from me...

  12. avatar jenl
    all is good now ...

    my prob with the scrolling was that i didn't have a choice of to scroll or not to scroll because only one band was loading, then i was getting the old script error thangy ... but ya fixed it ... yay!

    as for the a/b lists : totally appreciate the idea now, loading is mucho faster.
  13. avatar EPK
    The only clever idea to have come from you, Stevo, is getting tanked in Katys today.
  14. avatar feline1
    That's brill that is!

    The new fields are really wondrous!

    Here's two bugs I have found...

    - it is still changing ' characters to `
    This means that "s'gottabomb" links won't werk, for instance,
    as they end up being s`gottabomb

    - ewe can only put one EZboard login in the "logs in as" field -
    put more that one in (as several bands have) and it tries
    to generate a single URL to them both.
    Would it be possible to fix this, so ewe could separate multiple
    logins with semicolons or sthg?
    If not, y'all should add a note to tell people it only
    werks with one login at the moment, to avoid there being broken links
  15. avatar Niall Harden
    yr, like, smart
  16. avatar feline1
    No, it's just that I werk in a Software Engineering environment :-/