1. avatar ThrobbingGristle
    Well if Steve's too busy I'd love to give it a go.

    We'll get a whole team on the go, requirements, specs, reviews, waterfalls etc,

    as long as I'm in charge!
  2. avatar ThrobbingGristle
    I hit post instead of reply there. I was referring to an earlier post... I'm too dizzy to plan ahead and it would be great to have a chronilogical(;p) gig list of sorts, and I'm willing to donate all my evening time,

  3. avatar fastfude
    Well Steve's the man to talk to there, as he's got all the files and savvy behind the database ... drop him a mail and see if he could use the help if ya like

    you'll have to share the Jack Daniels though, can't afford to buy yez both booze every time there's an upgrade!