1. avatar ThrobbingGristle
    hello, could there be a scrolling banner or even a wee note about what bands are on the night or throughout the week. Are the gigs put on hold before they appear? If so they could be put into a wee db, and come up with a wee bit of script, I could do it if it's only .asp
  2. avatar ThrobbingGristle
    + what does 'fastfude' mean?
  3. avatar fhoadam
    a calender type thing
    for the gigs which would be alot easier to read an that, steve said hed work on it but i dint know if he meant it
  4. avatar Jahbulon
    A calender would be great and if someone was able to write a wee scrolling banner across the main page that would be even greater.

    Really like how the sites developed over the years ^_^

    Tis sweet.
  5. avatar thefatson

    You need an account for the main site to post gigs there though so there will be shows listed in the gig discussion forum that aren't there.