1. avatar insincerejon
    well, you could stick this lot 'twixt your head tags ;-)
    [open style]BODY {&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp SCROLLBAR-SHADOW-COLOR: black; SCROLLBAR-ARROW-COLOR: #cccccc; SCROLLBAR-TRACK-COLOR: black; SCROLLBAR-DARKSHADOW-COLOR: black; SCROLLBAR-BASE-COLOR: #003b4f}[close style]

    damn this lack of prapper html and its arrow removeyness :-)
  2. avatar fastfude
    nice one, I'd been looking for this code for ages.
    opted for a slightly lighter colour scheme to match the forum button though, as the bar a little dark with the one you suggested.

  3. avatar insincerejon
    It's a plesha

    Just found that code myself and now i have a clinical need not to see that standard taskbar colour everywhere i go
  4. avatar GuanoAped
    ah the coloured scrolly bar code.. hidden away for generations by ppl like me in our external style sheets
  5. avatar insincerejon

    yes, but some fool had put his scroll bar code in CAPITALS, and thus i stole it with an easiness never before seen on this planet we call......uh...........earth.