1. avatar feline1
    I have been concerned for some time now that many of the entries
    on the bands page are becoming increasingly ahine.

    Several of these bands do not look to me as if they actually
    exist outside the realms of bedroom fantasy.

    Surely bands really shouldn't be on here unless they do in
    some vaguely regular way either play gigs or/and release demos.

    Otherwise, they should be appearing on the classifieds board
    under "guitarist wanted", rather than the actual bands page.

    AHINE? Edited by: feline1 at: 4/2/01 2:19:30 pm
  2. avatar forkoid
    I've a feeling thats why we were taken off! I don't think people are taking forkoid as a real band! It just took ages for the Mp3.com guy to aproove our song!

    anyway, i agree, it is getting ahine!
  3. avatar fhoadam
    ....some of them arent even NI bands!!! get rid of em or get more info or somthin
  4. avatar feline1
    I mean there's a new one on there called ******** !?!?

  5. avatar forkoid
    "All you have to do is ask" "Peedy Q's wee bro" "****"

    I recon all band entries should be controlled better.
  6. avatar fastfude
    In order to sign up, any "band" has to provide a real email address. I would suggest a little community "policing" (crap word for it, but f*ck it) and y'all email the bands in question and politely point out that their entries are less than informative and could they please get their collective arses in gear

    I ain't doing it though, the whole point of automating the bands page was to take away the burden of manual administration. If some bands are just genuinely slow on the upkeep side of things, well, y'know, hey. It's their own public image they're distorting.
    I'd ask Steve to make the sign-up requirements a little tighter, ie, email & website minimum or summat, but not all bands have sites or the knowhow to build one...
  7. avatar fastfude
    anyway, we've passed the first 100 mark. yay!
  8. avatar EPK
    Unfortunately at least 10 or so aren't even bands. Could we not throw out the more obvious wasters and in-joke merchants? Otherwise the thing'll be redundant before long.
    It's almost there already.
  9. avatar fastfude
    which ones are the fakes anyhow? the two mentioned earlier have been gone fer ages
  10. avatar Blind Eye View
    does anyone else think that adding bands that have split up is a stupid idea ?

    Example :

    "The Norwegians"
  11. avatar fastfude
    The idea is to have an archive of bands which grows over time as they split/change etc. After a period of not being updated the old bands (like The Norwegians) should "fall off" the list and live in a kinda "B list" bands page. This way you can still read up on bands that used be on the scene, but aren't anymore...
    I think that's how it works anyway...?
  12. avatar Blind Eye View
    another point is all the spelling mistakes and grammer in some of the bands entries. Shouldn't it be left off until the band update it properly eg Five Mile Smile :

    "if you like ur rock u'll like what these three guys can do. they have play a number of gigs in belfast and elsewhere supporting there own material. email connor for a demo. not we dont do punk! "

    wouldn't it be better if it was actually in english ??!!