1. avatar fhoadam
    you can get this script at the same place as the whos online one, its pretty mch the same only you can do much more. the memberlist updates itself, you can see who visited your board and when and you can edit the script itself easier too. I know ezboard are bringin out their own whosonline script soon because of security flaws but cyberstats is much better to use till then.
  2. avatar GuanoAped
    after the uproar when the box came in... i dont think would be a good idea as cyberstats really does track everything you do.. even tells ppl were u are even if u ARENT on fastfude.

    im looking at the log file for the who's online box right now.. and its empty
  3. avatar fhoadam
    ....but i like it
  4. avatar insincerejon
    WOW, thats essentially an online automated stalking machine!

    ....but i like it

    Interesting to see what kinda people (don't) frequent your own ezbored

    I can just imagine the ads for that one:
    "Tired of stalking people from webpage to webpage?
    NO LONGER!!!!
    CyberStats now allows you to be stalking people online while you are out stalking people on the streets