1. avatar forkoid
    After you put the entry on again, i whent in to update it a bit (New song and web links, and a dirty wee edited last paragragh) and all of a sudden we had two entries! What happened? Did the missing one apear after i editted'ed'ed it?

    I know y'all love us enought to giviz two band entries, but seriously, it wouldn't be fair on the other bands!
    Edited by: forkoid at: 4/3/01 12:06:46 pm
  2. avatar Eternal Pentangle
    My first post!
    You couldn't see your entry before because, due to the amount of information being read from the database, the bands page takes a long time to load, and sometimes, somewhere along the line, there is a time-out, which means that it stops downloading the page halfway through.
    I think that if you'd disconnected from the Internet, then redialed and gone back to the bands page, hit Refresh or Shift+f5, then waited until your browser said "document done" at the bottom, you'd probably have found your entry again.

    This is why Rog could see your entry and you couldn't.

    And due to the nature of unique ID's in databases, if you find your entry cached somewhere (on your PC on in your ISP's cache) and then try to edit it, it will appear back in the database, even if it's been deleted.
    That's why you now have two.

    I think you'll have to tell Rog which one you want to keep and let him delete the other.
  3. avatar forkoid
    Both of them came up the same! So he can delete whatever one!