1. avatar abze
    Would it be possible to stick nice wee refresh tags in the META tag bit of the main forum to save people having to check for new messages.
    (It could give a nice wee cross between a slow java chat room and the forum as it is...)

  2. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    I just hit F5 every couple of minutes to see if there are any new posts. If i'm bored that is. Which is most of the time.
  3. avatar abze
    It would also save anyone on an NTLworld connection timing out after 10mins wouldn't it?
  4. avatar Professor Bernard Quaterm
    That could be just the way your Dial-up Networking is configured, you can set the idle time to disconnect you to anything or nothing.
  5. avatar abze
    it was something inherrent in NTLworld to stop people being on all day for no reason...but I'll have to take a wee dukey at me settings then, Prof. Cheers!!
  6. avatar fastfude
    NTL have a server-side timer thingy on their connections, it's not in your Dialup Networking (although there are settings for that sorta thing on normal dialups).

    I think it's currently:

    - Disconnect after 4 mins if idle (no data transmission)

    - Disconnect after 2 hours regardless of data transfer (downloaders beware!)
  7. avatar Suki Monster
    Why do they do that?What is the point of them cutting us off every two hours?
  8. avatar fastfude
    It's to stop people soaking up all their bandwidth by staying online 24hrs a day downloading stuff. They have way more customers than bandwidth available, so they need some method of sharing it out. I f*king hate it, as it means not being able to get anything that takes longer than 2 hours to download. Even with Getright, you still rely on the server you're downloading from supporting the Resume function...
  9. avatar feline1
    Mmm - but that's why ADSL rawks or sthg.

    And there's now an ADSL modem driver for Linux y'all!

    (I saw it on the handy Linux Newsfeed on [url][/url] :-)