1. avatar forkoid
    Yeah, i think the "Add Band" link on the bands page is broken. I've tried to add 'Kopious' to the page about 700 times over the last three days and i cant seem to do it. Plus the entry form is now away from the bottom of the page. Don't know where it went!!
  2. avatar forkoid
  3. avatar fhoadam
    i cans see it fine
  4. avatar fastfude
    hmm... works fine for me.

    the 'add band' link probably won't do anything until the anchor it links to in the form has loaded, so you pretty much have to wait for the full page (just HTML, not graphics) to load before it'll work.

    with so many bands on it now (w00t!), it might be an idea to break up the list into multiple pages with a [ next - previous - 1 2 3 4 5... ] navigation thingy to help speed up the loading cycles?

    *sound of Steve burying his head in his hands again*
  5. avatar fhoadam
    breakin the page up is a good idea, it takes bloody ages to load now!!
  6. avatar forkoid
    Testing again!
  7. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    You wouldn't believe how much time recording an album takes up!!! If I'm not in the studio or in work, I'm asleep!!! :)

    I promise to try and make all the changes to the band page by next week though... :)