1. avatar fhoadam
    how about having the gigs page, laid out like a calender so its easier to see, cos the gigs page is a bit crap unless you're really looking for particular details. a calender would be good for those people jus browsing for whats coming up, its difficult to see what comes in what order, unless you open every single post. if you had some way of it working so that someone could post the details and it automatically apeared on the calender it would be great so there is no need for it to be moderated. i know it sounds really difficult to do, but if we get all the geniuses of fastfude working on it i think we could get something good.

    what do you reckon? can anyone think of any way of doing this? Edited by: fhoadam  at: 2/21/01 9:58:27 am
  2. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I actually wrote calender system for the UTV Internet site about a year ago... easy enough. It even looks like a wee calendar... pretty cool... :)

    You can put in events and it'll email you when they're coming up and alert you on the website and stuff...

  3. avatar fhoadam
    why dont you give it a go for the gigs poage here, and see if its any good?
  4. avatar James Flumox
    Assuming you were going to do this, then xref the bands page with the gigs page would be awesome.
  5. avatar feline1
    Well I'm still waiting for that
    "on the FF boards as:" field to be added
    to the Bands page!

    It increasinly relevent now we have the
    "who's on-line" script: the site will
    werk best if bands can maximise knowledge
    of their login names, but
    unless ewe put it in the original data capture
    form, they'll never think to tell us...
  6. avatar fhoadam
    a fine idea jim
  7. avatar fastfude
    yeah. this and many other fine ideas are buzzing round my head all the time, but getting it done is a whole other "thing"...

    Steve (the steaming great heap of genius who put the bands page together) chips in when he can, but like us all has things called "job" and "life" which keep getting in the way...

    hopefully it'll come together someday
  8. avatar die the flu
    Yeah, I like being a bum.
    6 hours of classes a week RAWKS!!
    Pity I don't know how to write any useful codes or I could be quite useful...ah well...I'm off to get pissed :)
  9. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Aye guys... apologies for the tardiness in getting things done... I'm in work two days a week at the moment, and in the studio recording an album the rest of the time... and I really do mean "the rest" of the time.

    If I get a free moment today, I'll put in all the stuff that's been requested... the wee calendar thing might take a wee while, coz I'll need to rip off the code from the UTV site, and Xref it with the bands page... should be interesting... ;)

  10. avatar fhoadam
    cool, if you need a hand, gimme ashout, not that i'd be much use..