1. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    The ohyeah chat room seems to be inhabited mostly by fastfuders, so can we have one of our own?

    The ohyeah chat is tacky and nasty and small, but I reckon there are similar 'providers' of such things, like guestbooks and message boards and stuff.
  2. avatar fhoadam
    everyone suggests this after a while as did i. and i was told that they used to have one but it sucked so they took it away, and they think no one would use the boards if we had a chat room, which is ballex!!
  3. avatar feline1
    Well, the best way to make things like this happen is usually to do it yourself :-)

    - find a good chatroom, configure it all up, announce it on the boards -
    and if it werks well and is popular, Rog might link it into the main site.
  4. avatar Professor Bernard Quaterm
    As I recall, no one was worried about people abandoning the board in favour of the chatroom, it was more that chatrooms are realtime, whereas board discussions are there pretty much permanently, allowing (hopefully) for more thought to go into them, a wider audience for them, and longer term possibilities for these discussions.
    For a chatroom to work, everyone's got to be there all the time, and that takes time 80% of us don't have: for fastfude to work, you just have to turn up every-so-often and read what's been going on.

    Feline1 is right - set up your own and if you shout about it enough, you'll get visitors.
  5. avatar fastfude
    I did have a chat thing going on ff for a little while last year, but people hardly ever used it. It did rock though, you could play tunes down it "and everything"

    Shall I bring it back or wha?
  6. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Scream "AHINE!"
  7. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
  8. avatar fhoadam
    AHINE!!! u should bring back things that you took away for trial periods and see how they get on. is this not a good idea?
  9. avatar die the flu
    Flip me yeah...a chatroom here would be dead handy leek.
  10. avatar feline1
    It was great the way you could play tunes down it - although ewe had to blu-tack "F9" down to do it, or else play with one hand... :-)
  11. avatar Suki Monster
    The suki monster allows you to get it back rog.Go for it. :)
  12. avatar fastfude
    well it looks like the one I had running last year has been discontinued because the company have succumbed to corporate whoredom and started using words like "VoIP" and "empowerment" on their website. Scroo dat.

    HearMe has discontinued VoiceCREATOR as of January 19, 2001.To continue talking with friends or colleagues over the Internet for FREE, Telcopoint offers PC Voice Chat powered by HearMe.

    Only they don't either, as the service got oversubscribed and they had to take it offline to rewrite the whole kaboodle. Too many cowboys, not enough native Amercians
  13. avatar insincerejon
    hey Guano, how about we make a chatroom

    We have the power!!
  14. avatar T Entertainment
    I assume this didn't happen only because all our energies were focused on bringing about the Fastfude Camping Trip, Fastfude Magazine, Fastfude Record Label, Fastfude Monthly Showcase Night, Fastfude Strategic Vision / Ten Year Plan For The Music Scene, Fastfude Van Insurance Scheme and Fastfude Incontinence Pads?
  15. avatar tinpot anto
    It's cause he's a scenewrecker. I'm telling you right now that if this chatroom had have been put in place in 2001 then the Top 10 this week would include Cecil's Flea Circus, Watercress AND Kaleidoscope.

  16. avatar The Ronster
    How about some sort of Twitter feed? Or something. Or is it not possible to embed Twitter in that way?
  17. avatar I'mDead
    Can I be really stupid and ask what the difference is between a discussion board and a chat room?
  18. avatar Rock Danger
    [quote:c9e1c1fb0b="I'mDead"]Can I be really stupid and ask what the difference is between a discussion board and a chat room?[/quote:c9e1c1fb0b]

    Chat room's real time?
  19. avatar voiceofthepeople
    Lol at the 'related topics' - like 8 years of similar requests.