1. avatar GuanoAped
    is it possible like here [url][/url] seems to be a cgi script
  2. avatar fastfude
    yep, it's a good idea but I don't have a CGI host right now. Can anyone sort me out with one and I'll stick it up?
  3. avatar GuanoAped
    just downloaded the files seems easy enough, my host alllows cgi so ill give it a try at the weekend (can only access my ftp via a dial-up) but if anyone else can try it sooner that would be cool cause on a board like this it would be handy
  4. avatar Suki Monster
    Ye thats an excellent idea.Can we get a chat room as well?They would both be hand together.
  5. avatar fhoadam
    yeah, we could get loads of stuff on the site which would make it loads better but mr. fastfude seems to prefer boring static websites, so we cant
  6. avatar zebulon
    If that was a joke it wasn't funny.
    There was a chat room: no one used it, Rog took it away.
  7. avatar fhoadam
    i suggested bringing things back on trial periods, im sure some would agree thisd is a good idea, becasue loads of people seem to be using the oh yah cgat rooms. and it wasnt a joke
  8. avatar feline1
    The joke is, Adam, that ewe STILL fail to appreciate that most
    people who try and look at your Flash site on domestic
    modem just get all ahined and never see any of ewer content.
    This is analagous to a pulling technique of going out clubbing
    with a large mirror fastened 2 feet in front of ewe,
    spending the evening gazing into it crying "Look at meeeeee!
    I'm Goorrrrrrgeous, y'all!"
    n'est-ce pas.

    People use fastfude to read the boards,
    they do not want to have to wait for 10 tons of web-w*nk gubbins
    to flash rahnd their screen before they can read each sentance.
  9. avatar fhoadam
    how many times do i have to bloody explain this!?!? i have 2 versions of my site deliberatly for users who dont want to wait for flash to load. if you would stop moaning about and actually go look at it you will find that there is exactly the same information in the flash version as there is in the regular version, there's jus a different way of showing it it only bloody takes 30 seconds anyway, sometimes these damn ezboards take longer for god sake, fastfude is the ezboard. i'm just saying alot more could be done to make it better, and im not talking about putting heaps of flash or whatever into it, i'm talking about services and facilities. how long has it been since the links page has been updated? and how long did it take for the new band page to arrive? i'm only saying these things to hep fastude be better for all who use it

  10. avatar fhoadam
    also mr felin1, you're site takes longer to load than our flash site because of all those damned pictruyes!! how bout resizing some of them eh?
  11. avatar feline1
    No, cos if they were smaller, our heads wouldn't fit... :-)

    Moreover, they all have "ALT" descriptions...
  12. avatar fhoadam
  13. avatar zebulon
    If you prefer lots of pretty graphics, that's fine, some people prefer to read the content without being distracted by pretty pictures or animated buttons, etc..
    So your site has the same content regardless of whether it's in Flash or not - what's the point offering both if there is no real difference between one or the other?
    It's all a matter of taste, some people like clean and stylish, some prefer sensory immersion and if you prefer one, you can't really criticize someone for preferring the other.

    Until the functionality of Flash can be harnessed and driven on the fly by the content, it will be nothing but a showcase for illustrators and designers, not an actual informational tool and therefore redundant on all but art sites, one of which this is not.
  14. avatar fhoadam
    aye whatever. u obviously didnt even read read what i wrote Edited by: fhoadam  at: 2/15/01 11:38:49 am
  15. avatar die the flu
    Er, back to the chatroom idea...

    When I first started using this board there was a chatroom thing but it never worked on my PC, thats why I didn't use it...

    I'd certainly use it if there was one now, as would most people I reckon...
  16. avatar zebulon
    I did and I know you weren't suggesting Flash on ff, I was making a point, as much to f1 as to you.
    Subjects like this always get hackles up because when ff started, Roger had as much time and energy to put into it as you have to put into fho.
    As time has progressed his free time and resources have drastically evaporated while ff still has to be paid for and maintained, and it gets a little trying when every 4 months there are new people seeing the possibilities and trying to demand them without bearing in mind that it's a good 15 hour a week job keeping a dynamic website alive, 15 hours Roger doesn't have.
  17. avatar fhoadam
    i see your point. there's bound to be someone to help with some stuff so it doesnt all rest on his shoulders. ff should be more of a combined effort i tink. i know thats what the suggestions are there for but they dont give a good general consensus
  18. avatar GuanoAped
    whenever you spend ages making a huge site, the will to want to update isnt there

    i will try to make the who is online work this weekend but i will also be working on two other sites and two bits of progamming coursework
    so might not get it done, if anyone else has cgi with their hosting they could prob do it easy (assuming they have an hour to spare).
  19. avatar fhoadam
    i've got cgi access on mine, i was gonna do that on my ezboard but i dont kn ow if i could get it o work easily or not, i'm a bit fick
  20. avatar GuanoAped
    notice i keep saying "it will be easy" when i know it will prob take me 3 frustrating days of various error messages
  21. avatar insincerejon
    that should read "3 days of intensive cut + paste"
    Edited by: insincerejon  at: 2/15/01 2:51:18 pm