1. avatar forkoid

    is it a good idea to make the 'Forum' into link? I mean the one at the top of the 'Forum' page: "Fastfude Community boards> forum".
    (then when you enter a thread it says: "Fastfude Community boards> forum> (name of thread)". you know what i mean!)

    That means if you click it, the page will refresh without having to click 'refresh' on my browser and without the links at the top of the page refreshing. therefore refreshing would be a lot quicker.

  2. avatar fhoadam
    not a bad i dea at all forkois and may i say what a lovely looking lass you are!
  3. avatar forkoid
    My cheekbones have been said to be "better than Gail Porter's".
    D'you wanna blo-job?

    Didn't think so!!!!
  4. avatar fhoadam
    whatever made you think i was going to say no?
  5. avatar forkoid
  6. avatar fhoadam
    Jjus realised somethin forkoid, there wee drop down menu at te bottom works as a refresh thingy, so there you go, use it
  7. avatar forkoid
    Yeah! So it does! Cool!

    Cheers adam!
  8. avatar fhoadam
    nay bother lad