1. avatar Andrew
    OK, here's a wee suggestion for ya, Rog!

    How about disabling the 'Edit Post' function on all but the Gigs board? Cos when a user makes a contentious remark which prompts loads of replies and debate, it ain't unheard of for them to go back to their original post and edit it to make themselves look less stupid/hostile/naive/whatever! This often renders the subsequent replies largely redundant...

    If someone's gonna post something on here, surely they should have to stand by their posts without having the safety net of the 'Edit Post' function???

    And, if the 'Edit Post' function is in place to protect spelling or grammar, well, the 'Preview' button always works fine for me!

    What do y'all reckon?
  2. avatar fastfude
    hmmm. possibly. it can be set so that mods and admins can edit but original authors can't. (atm it's set so all three can). Still, I dunno sometimes handy for updating/editing apr├ęs-post.
  3. avatar Professor Bernard Quaterm
    Science is unable to decide.
  4. avatar feline1
    Nah, I can't be arsed previewing my typos.
    I need the edit function for that.
  5. avatar chris slipgate
    Keep it. Please.
  6. avatar forkoid
    Get rid of it coz i was obviously getting 'dissed' on Killing Susans Advert (in classifides) and by the time i got round to reading it, it was edited and deleated! AHINE!

    I should have been able to argue my point and defend myself! surely?

    anyway, i really don't give a toss about spelling and grammer, coz if you misspell most people get the message any way and realise its just a typo!