1. avatar forkoid
    Dear Rog,

    I've got a lovely wee pic of myself on my hard-drive and i was wonderin how i go about puttin it beside every post i make. I know it's not pretty, but i recon my face would go well beside my posts. The FF colour sceme would bring out the hazzle in my eyes.

    It would also help make the connection between forkoid/ rayKopious so people wouldn't get so confused by it!
    Plus if people could see my face, then slagging me would would be that much easier for them!

    Anyway, i'd be cool if ya could help iz out!

    Ray. Edited by: forkoid at: 2/5/01 2:15:50 pm
  2. avatar Once Apon a Band
    Ya hafta have the picture on a server somewhere, then ya just have ta type the link to it in where it asks, easy, e-mail it to me and ill stick it on my site if ya want, not for people ta see, just sosits on line
  3. avatar fastfude
    yeah, get yourself a website and upload the image to that, then in your ezboard control center, type the URL to the image into the photo field under prefs.

    no website? use that "facelink" thing in the control center instead...
  4. avatar forkoid
    Right, ok, i've done all that so i'm just trying it out!
  5. avatar forkoid
    It werx! Horahh!

    Thanx guys!
  6. avatar abze