1. avatar Once Apon a Band
    My first post!
    How in gods name do i change my bands details on the bands page, namley, that picture that doesnt work! i have my password and all that stuff but cant find where im supposed to log in! help!
  2. avatar forkoid
    What is your band called?

    At the top of the bands page there is three commands and links.

    1. to add your band click here

    2. to update you band info, CLICK HERE!.

    you click the one i've put in Caps.

    You log in where it says 'LOGIN' at the top of the discussion page.

    See when you DO login, fill in your details in the 'my control centre' then tell us all who you are!
    theres a good lad!
  3. avatar fastfude
    what he said.