1. avatar fastfude
    OK, check out this page, it rocks:

    [url="http://www.riffmastergeneral.com/ff"]BANDS PAGE (BETA)[/url]

    As the link says, it's beta, meaning not finished yet, so there'll be creases to iron out. But you can still sign up at the bottom of the page. When you do that, you go into a holding queue, while a moderator (me) reviews all the new band requests. I then throw a switch and your band appears on the list. You can then update your entry as often as you like with new info by hitting the 'update' link at the top of the page.

    The list is sorted randomly by default, so that everyone gets a chance to be at the top, but there's also options to sort a few different ways when browsing.

    Many, many thanks to [url="http://www.riffmastergeneral.com"]Steve[/url] for putting all this together. Couldn't have been done without him. Edited by: fastfude at: 12/14/00 1:16:38 pm
  2. avatar die the flu
    Congartulations, a very clever idea and it seems to work ok :)
    Edited by: die the flu  at: 12/14/00 11:43:31 am
  3. avatar Blind Eye View
    Is it too late to send in info ??

  4. avatar Blind Eye View
    I see there a submit section section on the page, thats what i get for replying before checking out the stuff...


    (in Kerrang! Scumscene this week..)
  5. avatar forkoid
    Mr. the flu is right, the page is going to be SERIOUSLY sweet! Good luck with it!

    (If there was an emoticon for 'standing proud' then i would use it now!)
  6. avatar antojasper
    I like the fact that whatever you write in the press release ends up on the site WOrd for Word!

    It's good to bear in mind that most newspapers, even the good ones operate on the same principle, So it's a good idea to write exactly what you would like to read.

    This really does work - I've seen it on a number of occasions.
  7. avatar feline1
    Well, feline are on the database now, but it won't let me edit our record.
    What exactly is our username?
    I've tried...

    the feline dream
    The Feline Dream

    ...all to now avail
  8. avatar feline1
    Dammit ahine, it really DOESN'T work - the password I chose has é characters in it,
    and it seems to have problems with them.
    Can y'all reset our password please.
    Cheers thanks y'all.
  9. avatar fastfude
    should be fixed now, check yer inbox

    warning to all users:

    don't use fancy-ass characters like Mister VT-100 Analogue Smartypants here

    Stick to A-Z and 0-9
  10. avatar feline1
    Well, ewe need boundary-pushing beta-testers like me to
    show ewe the limits of ewer creations.
    May I suggest ewe make mention of "valid characters" in
    the instructions for choosing a password already?

    Other than that, the thing looks well ready to go live.
    All ewe need is a similar database called "Where are they now?"
    for ex-bands to be listed in.
  11. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    What kind of mentalton would use a spazzy character in their password?


  12. avatar feline1
    Ewe'd not get very far in the world of software engineering, boyo!
    System testers would eat ewe for breakfast :-)
  13. avatar feline1
    Aye, but I'd just like to say how excellent I think the new bands page format is. Very simple and nice - no extravagant flashiness - just conveys the necessary info quickly & clearly - splendid web design.

    How soon can it replace the old one, then?

    One thing I think ewe should urge bands to do, though, is list their EZboard logins. It's for their own good - their fans will be able to see who they are.
  14. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Well, I have a degree in Software Engineering and I've worked as a programmer for 3 1/2 years now... and I've been programming 'pooters since I was 11. So, I actually have got far in the world of software engineering... technically speaking, leek...

    But when you're knocking together scripts at 3am for nothing more than a firm handshake and a double jack and coke next time there's a fastfude outing, making code 100% spaz-proof isn't at the top of my priorities...


    Steve. (BEng Hons!)
  15. avatar fhoadam
    how do u list the logins then? Edited by: fhoadam  at: 1/5/01 2:29:22 pm
  16. avatar feline1
    hey Steve, with your code and my QA processes, we could take over the world.
  17. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    QA? What's that? ;)


  18. avatar fhoadam
    hello? how do you list the logins?
  19. avatar fastfude
    whaddya mean "list" exactly?

    if you mean viewing all the band profiles, [url="http://www.riffmastergeneral.com/ff"]go here[/url]

    oi! steve! what's the best way to get hold of you? I have a "present" for ya!
  20. avatar fhoadam
    i thought he meant that you could see who goes to your ezboard
  21. avatar fastfude
    Oh right, no you can't do that. It'd be part of ezboard's features anyway, not fastfude's. You can get visitor stats from ezboard though. Go to your control center, click the ezboard tab, then choose the "stats" link. It'll give you hits and posts for this week, plus total H & P since you started the board.
  22. avatar fhoadam
    ok, k, cheers
  23. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    The easiest way to get me is during work hours at UTV Internet - the corner of Great Victoria St. and Bruce St. above Palomo's...

    Is my present square, brown and wet? ;)

  24. avatar fastfude
  25. avatar feline1
    I wonder what will happen to the photo of Ariadne?
  26. avatar Suki Monster
    Where do all stinkers go?
  27. avatar die the flu
    Your bed :)
  28. avatar feline1
    Yes but another "bug" I have discovered - for some reason,
    that bands page turns apostrophes the wrong way arahnd,
    from ASCII ' to ASCII `
    This means the link to s'gottabomb does nat werk.
  29. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Yes, but being a seasoned programmer/computer expert, you know exactly why I would do that, don't you Feline... ;)

    I've corrected the output now, so s'gottabomb's link will work now... probably...


  30. avatar feline1
    Actually no, I have no clue as to why this should be?
    Tell us y'all steve, tell us!
  31. avatar Professor Bernard Quaterm
    My first post!
    Perhaps because with non-alphanumeric characters you can insert pieces of javascript or VBscript and do unruly and rude things with Mister General's programming?
  32. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    It's because string literals in SQL statements must be enclosed in apostrophes, so you have to convert all apostrophes (') in your strings to primes (`) before you insert them or you'll get a big shiny SQL error.

    Of course, you should convert them back on the way out, so no-one notices... but I forgot... :)

  33. avatar feline1
    Oh I see -
    well I didn't know *that*,
    however I do know that ewe are actually supposed to
    pronounce the acronymn "SQL" (Structured Query Language)
    as "sequel", rather than "S-Q-L" as everyone on earth seems to say...

    One of those "moague"/"moog" thangs, I "guess"...
  34. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Strangely, only gay people pronounce it "sequel"... real men pronounce it "squill", or "squirrel". So there. ;)

    Seriously though, the "sequel" pronounciation is a Micro$oft thing, and anyone caught saying it immediately looks like a spaz who's been on a 2 week IT training course, but really knows nowt about nowt.

    They'll throw the term in to make themselves look smart, but as soon as you mention inner joins or aggregate functions, they shut up fairly quick.


    PS We really do pronounce it "squirrel" in here!!!