1. avatar feline1
    Ewe know, like a wee thing ewe can click on
    and it sends a mild electric shock round to him
  2. avatar die the flu
    Yes, but it seems to me that he never ever puts stuff up at weekends so I'd guess he only has internet access at work or summat, and since its "Chrrrriiissstttmmaaaaaaass!!" he might be off werk y'all.
  3. avatar Suki Monster
    I cant get any e-mails thru to him :(
    its keeps sending them back to me.I reckon we should have two Review people so that The whole thing speeds up. Edited by: Suki MonsterĀ  at: 12/28/00 8:00:38 pm
  4. avatar die the flu
    That's a champion idea, leek.
  5. avatar Suki Monster
  6. avatar fastfude
    ok, well who's willing to put in the time to help out James? You gotta be strong, tough and robust, yet have a caring, feminine side. And also actually check in *at least* every other day to see if there are pending reviews...

    post here to apply, but be warned, a punch in the face often offends
  7. avatar die the flu
    Hmmmm, well I'd do it if not too many people objected :)
  8. avatar zebulon
    I reckon that merits a "Muh!"
  9. avatar Andrew
    Yeah, I'd do it too. Anything to ensure the reviews don't languish for weeks at the sole mercy of the Boobs Plus Binman...
  10. avatar Suki Monster
    I would also like to do it.
  11. avatar Anonymous
    yeah. me to. it would look damn good on my cv.
  12. avatar fastfude
    okay, all the above names went into a kind of hat thing thing (my hand) and I picked out... Andrew Griswold. He will now be 'tethered' to the board, 'assisting' James in vetting and mocking your prose systematically!
  13. avatar Andrew
    Cool! You can count on me! But does it mean I ever have to actually be in the same room as James Flumox? God, I hope not. I mean, he stinks of dog hair and cheese...
  14. avatar feline1
    My goodness!
    Andrew Griswold,
    our guardian against rudeness and innapropriate language!
    Rawk on!
  15. avatar Suki Monster
    NOO! I wanted the job.Your Dead Griswold. :)