1. avatar Eamonn BASIC
    Unless I missed the debate, I'm assuming signatures were removed because they permit swearing.

    Signatures let us advertise our email addresses and websites while posting. They preclude our fellow lazy musicians from having to dig around for information (won't happen) as it's only a click away.

    It's a basic but important ezboard feature we could be availing of, which is abused by very few people. It feels a bit nursery school to be slapped on the wrist along with them.

    If there is another reason, then my apologies for the Gettysburg Address. But what is the reason in that case?


  2. avatar feline1
    Yes I would like my signature back y'all :-(
  3. avatar Suki Monster
  4. avatar feline1
    Auch now Rog pleeeeeeeeeeease can we have signatures back? :-(

    I have noticed a huge drop in hits on Feline's site since they were removed.

    Couldn't we just have it that moderators tackle people with rude sigs individually?
  5. avatar fastfude
    well there was talk of ezboard adding an admin feature that lets me exclude individual's signatures that are keek, rather than disabling everyones' altogether, but I don't think they've gotten round to it yet...

    I think urls & emails in sigs are a very good idea, but I don't like the board getting bogged down in A) big fat graphic signatures, and B) offensive ones.

    If ezboard bring in this feature, I'll use it for sure...