1. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Yes folks it's "Hidden Gems and Forgotten Classics" week at Oxfam Castle St. This time I'm not gonna list what we've got, so all you vinyl junkies will have to pop along and have a good rummage!

    Oxfam Castle St - The spiritual home of wilfully obscure music ;-)
  2. avatar thepalemonarch
    i once bought a brazen vessel from this oxfam store , and upon reading aloud the inscribed incanctations from its side, found myself delivered to a world beyond time and space.

    I was highly unsatisfied with this.
  3. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    But what was the soundtrack like on your odyssey?
  4. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Beach Boys

    The Who


    Rory Gallagher

    Minnie Ripperton


    and much more just BEGGING to be added to your collection!
  5. avatar distracted
    7 LPs for less than £20, can't go wrong.

    Buck Owens, Rhos Male Voice Choir (to remind me of home :-D ), 2 x Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, The Teardrop Explodes and 2 x Depeche Mode.

  6. avatar tinpot anto
    Can you hide the Minnie Ripperton til thursday?
  7. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Hmmm, all right then Anto, it's "Adventures in Paradise", we'll work out a secret handshake so I'll know it's really you. Ask on Thursday, it'll be stashed somewhere.

    And all you guys with beards trying to sneak into the shop, don't think I don't know where you found out about my vinyl! ;-)
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    You will know me by the cut of my rakish gait.

  9. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    "Would you ever look at the cut of that, must be Anto".

  10. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    What Beach Boys is it?

    I got some white label record with "Velvet Underground Acetate" in there. Don't know if its worth anything.
  11. avatar esotericeric93
    Im after vinyls of the flower power, vaudeville and art rock persuasions- have you anything that fits the bill? What sizes prices and conditions are your vinyls. Im also after toy instruments and HP Lovecraft novels, any joy?If so hold them till tomorrow
  12. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    The Beach Boys album is "Wild Honey". Other cool stuff includes an Australian pressing of "Fresh Cream" and "Meaty Beaty Big 'n' Bouncy" by the Who.

    Esotericeric, we've got all sorts of odd stuff, drop in sometime soon and have a good hoke!
  13. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Friday Bump!
  14. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Just to remind people we're open 9.30 - 5.30 on Saturdays and our amazing music dude will be putting out loads of gems all day :-)
  15. avatar tinpot anto
    Quality records and fashion advice :)
  16. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Dude you should have bought the purple fur-collar jacket ;-)
  17. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Buffy Sainte-Marie

    Graham Parker

    Bryan Ferry

    Art Garfunkel

    Am I listing current stock or just namechecking random artists?

    Only one way to find out - get down to Oxfam Castle St and have a rummage!
  18. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Numerous 60s and 70s compilations

    Several Johnny Cash,

    2 Buffy Sainte-Marie

    and a Partridge Family in a pear tree.

    Very Festive ;-)
  19. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Only-one-more-day-until-Halloween Bump!
  20. avatar tinpot anto
    I got what I needed at the Oxfam in Portadown, so the cash went the same way in the end!

  21. avatar esotericeric93
    [quote:634ab043e1="Oxfam Castle St"]

    Esotericeric, we've got all sorts of odd stuff, drop in sometime soon and have a good hoke![/quote:634ab043e1]

    Cheers.I'm in Belfast tomorrow, my new heroes are Warren Zevon and Scott Walker
  22. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Loads of new stuff out today:

    "Live Stiffs" Ian Dury, Elvis Costello etc Stiff Records tour

    Loads of Elvis Costello

    Bowie: Ziggy, ChangesOne etc

    Johnny Cash: Live at San Quentin, Ride that Train and several others

    Deep Purple Live in Japan

    Steppenwolf 4-track EP

    Best of Lou Reed

    Judy Garland

    Dolly Parton

    and loads more including the classic strains of Big Tom and the Mainliners ;-)
  23. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    Please hold the Ziggy and San Quentin till tomorrow for one Mr. Hyland.
  24. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Your wish is my command Mr Hyland :-)
  25. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Just-in-time-for-the-weekend Bump!
  26. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    What else are you going to do on a chilly Tuesday afternoon? Come to Oxfam Castle St and have a rummage!
  27. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    Just in today, about a TON of music magazines: Guitarist, Guitar and Bassist, Total Guitar etc etc etc, all 50p each.

    Also a load of music videos from Christy Moore to Chuck Berry and Paul McCartney.

    And our suave music maestro Stephen will be in tomorrow putting out a selection of rare gems and classic vinyl.

    Oxfam Castle St - If it's got grooves, we'll sell it.

    PS We're always grateful for donations of good sellable music. Vinyl, CDs, DVDs, whatever. Why not Bring AND Buy? :-)