1. avatar Smeghead02
    I have heard from one source that Ariadne have broken up.
    Perhaps you should look into this and maybe remove them from the site.
  2. avatar die the flu
    Sheesh, we know already.
    Although WTF is happening with the update?
  3. avatar chris slipgate
    James Flumox, you have an opinion on that picture, do you not? And on a number of related matters.......
  4. avatar James Flumox
    You don't see a shrine to my next door neighbours in my dodgy flat...
  5. avatar forkoid
    Also NIXON have broken up, so not not only is removing them essential, it's desirable. That song makes me cringe! I wrote it when i was in 3rd year or something, about a freind of the same age dissing his mates for a bird! The quality is also terrible! We recorded it on my Toshiba tape recorder! (Play + record over my Big brothers prince tape!)

    So PLEASE, PLEASE Update the site! Put an end to my horror!