1. avatar fastfude
    How extensive should it be?

    Results (total votes = 16):
    Real Name & Email 9 / 56.3%
    Just Real Name 2 / 12.5%
    Just Email 4 / 25.0%
    Just ezBoard profile 1 / 6.3%
    None 0 / 0.0%
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  2. avatar die the flu
    I think an email and your fastfude name would be okay, wouldn't it? "Rhesus are pro-vivisection"
  3. avatar feline1
    A valid contact email is the most important thing.

    Although of course, if the reviewer insists on remaining
    anonymous, and James Flummox still wants to publish the review,
    then James has gotta accept responsibility and deal with
    any fall-out. The FELINE DREAM ~ Anti-essentialist as fuck ~ and now more analogue than EVER!
  4. avatar James Flumox
    I've pretty much settled on approviing things that aren't controversial in any way, or are from people known to me, or people with a valid email address. In practise is everything so far.

    I reckon if anyone posts something that's likely to cause hassle with the band in question, and I can't contact them, then I won't let it go until I can.

    This made sense to me, anyway...

  5. avatar die the flu
    Surely theres a couple of reviews up with no contact email already?
    And theres a couple waiting in the wings by a band members girlfriend.
    Is this what the reviews board is for?
    I don't think it should get clogged up like the main forum which has become a virtually unusable joke.

    Keep its dignity for as long as is possible :/ "Suck your fucking money, suck it bitch"Edited by: die the flu  at: 10/22/00 5:44:26 pm
  6. avatar fine hats
    My first post!
    that you desist from this endless complaining and lighten up a little.
  7. avatar James Flumox
    I have just noticed this...

    I have contact email addresses for all the reviews on the board. If you have a problem with anything up there, get in touch.


  8. avatar skint kid d
    My first post!
    mmousse tache aint no girl friend of any dangerfields
    she does reviews cos she appericiates good music
  9. avatar die the flu