1. avatar Stello
    My first post!
    ...another European local scene rep.

    So far the only European cities covered are London and Bray (and we all know how big Bray is, don't we...) *mwahahaha*

    Anyway, click on the lowest part of my sig to check out what I mean.

    Bray Forum - in English, as Gaeilge, suomeksi
    Bray Webloid - September issue, support groups, rubbish..
    Bray Directory - complete guide to Bray, Co.Wicklow, Ireland
    Bray Mail - get a free web based e-mail account
    Bray music scene on Tourdates.com (I'm the local Rep)
  2. avatar fastfude
    Hello Stello,

    I've been reading your life story all through work today! Hah, it's all ezboard's fault

    Nice kittens, I need names for mine, one is going to be called "psh psh psh", need another name still