1. avatar Anonymous
    Someone to take this hex off me.
  2. avatar feline1
    Well it's better than binary.
    Thanks Rog, for putting the juke box on the open forum too, btw. feline1@catsweep.org.uk> echo $beach
    You're a romantic fool...
  3. avatar Susanplum
    the magic wand has been waved and the sparkle dust sprinkled - you are now released from all curses and spells!
  4. avatar Anonymous
    Thanks susanplum.
    I owe you one.
  5. avatar Wurdswurth
    My first post!
    Take the spell, dear SusanPlum
    And cast it on to Monkeybum
    (Just cos it rhymes you understand
    I bear no grudge against the man)
  6. avatar Ricardo Monkeybum
    My first post!

    Goddam hex!
  7. avatar spaniel
    You can handle it.