1. avatar Anonymous
    give some credit to the writing.
  2. avatar Anonymous
    feck if i know
  3. avatar Blinking Bear
    My first post!
    Colin Murray was Brill when he used to write for blank.....but other than that I haven't a clue.
  4. avatar feline1
    I still say it's Niall Stanage.
    He went to my primary school, AND my grammar school, AND my Oxford college.
    ANd he grew a beard and pretended to be the new Dob Bylan and played
    gigs in the Rotterdam with his top songs "killed by a drunk driver" and
    that unforgettable cover of Sinead O'connor's "TROY" (he really *shouldn't* have left the light on, readers... ;-)
    But now I think he is a top journalist in Dublin, maybe even for the Irish Taymes or summat. I haven't seen him in years.
    But not so long ago he used to do stuff on "Across the Line" for "mike" edgar. "You just twiddle the knobs until your hair stands on end" - Phil Oakey
  5. avatar the dirty weed
    aye, mr murray was also tremendous on that kixx 106 (if that's what it was called) radio show he used to present.
    apart from that, stuart bailie is pretty useful and, as feline said, niall stanage is ace too.
  6. avatar feline1
    do ewe know how to contact the "ace" Niall Stanage,
    cos I have lost contact with him utterly,
    and he probably has the phone number of a very "hot"
    lady in Leeds who I'd like to get in touch with again too... ;-) "You just twiddle the knobs until your hair stands on end" - Phil Oakey
  7. avatar j0j0
    I cannot believe that nobody has given credit to Paul McNamee... possibly THE finest music journalist in NI (until he recently defected to a well known music weekly elsewhere...).
  8. avatar the dirty weed
    sorry it's took so long for me to reply but i dont really visit the wishlist forum much.
    well, you could write to "hot press" as he regularly pens stuff for them. actually you could always visit
    www.hot-press.com and send them a wee email.
    alternatively, write to bbc norn iron as, from time to time, you can hear him talking moosic news on "mighty" mike edgar's dreadful across the line show.
  9. avatar feline1
    Why yes thank ewe Dirty Weed, I went to Hot PRess'ss';s;ss;s' site, and I see he is a "staff writer" - I sent them an email asking him to get in touch.
    Their site's a bit pants though - ewe can't seem to actually READ anything on-line!?!? Ahine! feline1@catsweep.org.uk> echo $beach
    You're a romantic fool...
  10. avatar Anonymous
    yes colin murray rocks!!!
    he is
    the best - all bow down!!ok
  11. avatar feline1
    Well he may be "da man" but he ain't replied to any of our emails for about 2 weeks!?
    I wonder did he get the demo that he asked us to send him?
    Maybe it's just that he liked it so much he died.
    :-/ "Blue Powder Monkeys,
    preying in the dead of night..."
  12. avatar Anonymous
    yeah he does have a prob anwering eanils even his friends ones grrr
    what band u in anyway?
  13. avatar feline1
    I am in feline you silly man.
    We have not heard from Colin Murray in weeks.
    If this does not mean he's dead,
    we may have to just kill him anyway for general slackness ;-) "Blue Powder Monkeys,
    preying in the dead of night..."
  14. avatar Anonymous
    i aint no man .. im not even a boy if i was anything id be a girl but im not im a superhero..yes i am danger mouse
    and we cant kill colin cos hes dead nice really..i think
    as for feline i didnt know it was a band i thought you just liked cats
  15. avatar feline1
    yes but if you click on my name it takes you to my profile which takes you to my website which contains all the information on me you could ever need to be told, thus removing the necessity for you to "think" anything about me, for instead you may just "know" already
    Huzzah! "Blue Powder Monkeys,
    preying in the dead of night..."
  16. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    What about the illustrious Phil Crossey?? A decent wordsmith if ever there was one. Who is he writing for these days?
  17. avatar gl2200
    [quote:509fe99fd6="sixtypeoplemark2"]What about the illustrious Phil Crossey?? A decent wordsmith if ever there was one. Who is he writing for these days?[/quote:509fe99fd6]

    A six year and ten month gravedig. Is this a record?
  18. avatar Cheeses Christ
    It's the effect I have on people.

    I'm writing for the News Letter and could make a witty and amusing comment abou the paper that would must likely get me fired, so I'll refrain.
  19. avatar tinpot anto
    Francis Jones - AU, ATL, Culture NI
    Edwin McFee - Belfast Tele
    Charlotte Dryden (if she's still writing between saving children and putting on kick ass gigs!)
    And Damian McCarney who has made the music section of the Andytown News readable and enjoyable for the first time in it's history.
  20. avatar Eddie
    Francis Jones stuff can't really be beat at the moment.
  21. avatar T Entertainment
    Yup. Best music writer from round here in a long time.
  22. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    Anyone who doesn't say..

    A an eclectic mix

    B swirling guitars

    C a return to form

    So, no one, then.
  23. avatar thebatgranny
    And 'music scene', fuck I hate that phrase. :smt078