1. avatar feline1
    There seem to be Quite A Few bands on it these days
    who don't exist any more...
    I think it would be best to clean them away,
    otherwise peeple it gives the impression that there's
    all these bands who don't do nuthin.
    (It might be nice to relegate them to a little
    "RIP" section, so that we don't forget the joy they once
    brought...) "listening to the music the machines make, I let my heart break,
    Just For A Moment..." -JF'78
  2. avatar zebulon
    Ackilly, that's a cool idea, that way bands like Tunic, Joyrider, Kismet, the Cheese Junkies, AmonullunomA, Peacefrog, Big Red Dawn, North Parade, Alumni Feedback, etc. can all be remembered rather than just be names that people recall from Limelight Thursdays or Rock Bottom Wednesdays but know nothing about.

    It would also be cool to be able to trace where the members are now....
    But this would actually involve BANDS getting OFF THEIR ARSES and providing decent information.
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  3. avatar feline1
    mmmmm... it could all turn into one of those "Rock Family Trees" things, with Q magazine "where are they now" bits.
    Alumni Feedback - I think Feline played with them a few times, but I can't really remember anything about cos as soon as we came off stage I had to frantically carry heavy things around and never got to listen to the other bands really.
    A band called Skinflints broke Nick's mike stand though, as he can still be heard muttering sometimes to this day...
    Finding out where AmonullonomA all were was one of the first things I did when I found this site! - Johnny Rice is a beard farmer in the welsh mountains, Grant Allerdice is in Brighton doing 10 million things at once, Psimon Jung is playing bass with Susan Enan, Mike is being mike "just down the road" from me in South Devon and looks like this [url]http://www.mccullough77.freeserve.co.uk/ [/url], and nobody had a baldy notion where ThomasTrumpets went... "listening to the music the machines make, I let my heart break,
    Just For A Moment..." -JF'78
  4. avatar Anonymous
    i wuz just about to post a topic on this meself... well done feline1...

    by ze way The Skinflints were excellento...
  5. avatar fastfude
    you reckon we could convince John Peel to narrate a monologue on the Belfast Rock Tree, and we could have it one the page in Real Audio

    he'd probably spend four hours talking about how great the Undertones were, while intermittently popping out to feed the goats or answer the door in Peel Acres
    bless 'im.
  6. avatar Electro man
    When you update it you could put my ugly mug up as well.
  7. avatar Anonymous
    mojo, surely....
  8. avatar vampiremonkeyonspeed
    i did a wee small family tree type thing for Gecko and it's predecessors at www.studio.club24.co.uk/studio/guests.htm WWW.LISTEN.TO/GECKO
  9. avatar Wasp Boy
    Martin Corrigan from the Skinflints is now a solo artist. Phil the drummer is in Watercress. Ralph is living with his girlfriend and trying to start another band. I don't know where Powell is.

    Whatever happened to Barney?
  10. avatar CHRIS PHIII
    My first post!
    Alumni Feedback update (see Zebulon post above):

    Yours truly is in Pharaoh III and Slipgate. Also in PHIII is Paul Pearce, AF's last drummer before the final and terminal split. He was in the original Peace Frog line-up but understandably doesn't like to talk about it. AF Singer Dan Tyndall is currently living in Carnmoney recording solo stuff with seemingly no intention of ever releasing it in any shape of form. Interim AF drummer Conrad Neil continues to talk (at length) about setting up a studio. His next band - the Thirty Ones - have gone their seperate ways. Original AF drummer Andrew Johnston may or may not be FF postee Wasp Boy / D4D - still trying to work that one out. Andrew also passed through a variety of bands including Adream, Peppermoth and most notably Griswold. Looks like he's in this Dangerfields thing now.
    I was speaking to Rab from Barney recently. Sez he has no intention of getting involved in local music scene again. But that was my attitude for 3 years too after AF split, so ya never know.
  11. avatar feline1
    Yes that's right,
    the Skinflint's fecking singer broke feline2's mic stand in the Errigle in 1994, and it's still bloody broken and that'll be £40 please or we'll break something of yours already!
  12. avatar feline1
    Feline were on the same bill as them in the Errigle 94/95 or summat.
    They were alright I guess, rather spidey but one of them was quite cute I remember although I think feline2 scared them by playing Anarchy In the UK[/b] on a hideous DX7 distortion sound with too much phase. At least they didn't break out mic stand, I'll say that much for them. feline1@catsweep.org.uk> echo $beach
    You're a romantic fool...
  13. avatar vampiremonkeyonspeed
    speaking of the bands list, there seems to be something of a gap under the gecko heading, i'll send you the latest press release and you could take a chunk from that, or something, just don't make me have to send another badger WWW.LISTEN.TO/GECKO
  14. avatar fastfude
    yep, youse're all s'posed t' be writin' yer own b'nd pr'files, 'cos I can't go and see y'all live and then 'rite a r'view that's accurate and long-lastin', now c'n I?
    ' I started out with nothing, and still have most of it left...
  15. avatar vampiremonkeyonspeed
    well, i'll get a responsible adult to write something and you'd betterput it up boyo, 'cos i've got a badger with a sombrero that's got your name on it
    or something WWW.LISTEN.TO/GECKO
  16. avatar thewickerman
    Barney are back.