1. avatar feline1
    Due to the large influx of banal posts by spides recently on FastFude, I wonder if we could maybe get a spide filter of somesort (rather like the @#%$ swearing filter we currently have).

    Maybe it could take the form of some sort of clapometer, where posts are relayed to a typical studio audience before being posted to the board, and are only allowed on if they get a suitable chuckle?

    If a post fails, the computer could spray spideicide out of its floppy disk slot, rendering the spide helpless, and giving the board administrators time to send a fashion consultant round to sort the spide out (maybe tham thar David & Lorrainiene AMMEMmamememuemeuoiuer wot have that silly column in the Belfast Telegraph)
  2. avatar Michael Fish
    Surely by now, your pc would be truly and utterly buggered with the constant crap / bull she ite muslims, on analogue synths.

    VOTE 1 - FELINE1 for the 'SPIDE Moderator' - vote for Feline1 and you get a free analogue synth!
  3. avatar zebulon
    Mr Fish, please try to post something other than insults towards Mr Feline.
  4. avatar feline1
    well, we could always get a fish filter too.
    It would sense for the presence of those pungent amines and trans-omega fatty acids, and spring down a firewall accordingly... ;-)
  5. avatar Michael Fish
    Ok, I will be a gent.
    Feline1 has a good idea with spides / clapometer but shouldnt we include all mentions of analogue synths as CRAP instead of clap!
  6. avatar feline1
    could well necessitate a visit to the 'clap' clinic....
  7. avatar Michael Fish
    Well, a fish a day keeps the doctor away!
    No clap or crap here but Feline, I would check your analogue synths!

    And I really needed to know all of the below - but cheers anyway! Edited by Michael Fish at: 1/26/00 9:19:41 am
  8. avatar feline1
    apart from that one that's in Cambridge being mended. But then it has MIDI and a 4MHz Z80A microprocessor inside it, so it deserves all it gets, IMO.
  9. avatar Anonymous
    Have you sorry assed people nothing better to do other than send stupid and frankly very freudian messages to one another Get outside and smell the fresh air (NOT APPLICABLE TO BELFAST SCUMBAGS HA
    HA )........
  10. avatar Anonymous
    here mister, i sancerly hope yer nat talkin' bout me an' my mates in that there deragatary fashion so i dont now. I'll have less of it so I will naw but. no wat i mean like?
  11. avatar feline1
    aye, wat er ewe ganna dew abat it, leek?
    Cos aye wull fakking DEKKK ewe if you dont stap fakkin schlabberin at me, wee lod. "listening to the music the machines make, I let my heart break,
    Just For A Moment..." -JF'78
  12. avatar Anonymous
    Ite, i've hed just 'bout nuff o' this so i have naw, wha?...you an' me gat it on down e' M-Club saruday nite ite? an en'el see whos hard enuf. An' don be bringin' none o' yer kru neither naw, ite, or i'll have ta set e' lads on ya....me an' you big mon, one on one, no bather wha?, an en we'll see who's a welt, no?
  13. avatar feline1
    Aye weoud NAT bee se-an DAAED att dta FEAKKIN eaaamm-clubt, wee lod!
    Aye lave in FEAKKIN Brisstal, yee wee tat. "You just twiddle the knobs until your hair stands on end" - Phil Oakey
  14. avatar Wasp Boy
    You heard
  15. avatar D4D
    My first post!
    As u well know, Doc J, BigBoy Brewster etc. and myself are not spides. My wish is for you to be dead. Zebulon and Eamon P keyes that goes for your censoring asses as well. U people are a f ucking joke and i will personally slap u all with fists of hornets at the next opportunity.

    I am a retired pacifist by the way.

    Lets have a death-rattle-ometer for u pretentious self-absorbed tsetse flies RIGHT NOW, I SAID RIGHT NOW!!!!

    Have u no lives to go to, at least i am skiving off work when i type, instead of being shacked up in my bedroom every evening with gay porn and no real friends. U should get out more and go see FPK and the Dangerfields redefine the word 'repulsive'. Or lie beneath the nearest high-speed LandRover.
  16. avatar D4D
    Ignore the post above, i now love u all and look forward to a productive and happy time ahead.

    Peace to everyone
  17. avatar McAuleyNorthCoast
    Floppy disk!
  18. avatar gared
    Holy necropost batman!
  19. avatar chuckbilliards
    Haha necro-tastic! Holy crap, the Billiards were just forming when this thread started. Madness.

    And sure what with all this talk of spides, here's a wee vid of some antics from our 2011 summer tour. Tune's called Spide ;)