1. avatar feline1
    Why doesn't the Fastfude Main EZbored have a thing to
    click on at the bottom saying "add to favourites" eh?
    Is it the same reason it doesn't have an "edit" function?
    Or is it just ahine? "You just twiddle the knobs until your hair stands on end" - Phil Oakey
  2. avatar feline1
    aye and Watercresses and Ninebar's boards don't let ewe add them to yer favourites either.
    It's umstiegen! "You just twiddle the knobs until your hair stands on end" - Phil Oakey
  3. avatar fastfude
    this is part of ezboard 5.2's 'random feature set' feature, whereby the board completely ignores what I set in the prefs and simply sticks whatever the hell it likes on my sites... bastards.
    ( i do the cress site too )
  4. avatar vampiremonkeyonspeed
    it's reely quite simple
    you press the right button on your "mouse", that's the little white thingy beside your computer, no, not you penis the other one (wokka wokka wokka, only kidding) and then choose the "add to favourites" option which magically appears, but the edit feature would be nice WWW.LISTEN.TO/GECKO
  5. avatar feline1
    No no monkeyman,
    not the "add to favourites" on my browser,
    the "add to favourites" on EZBoard itself,
    so that when one goes into one's
    "my control centre" already, and clicks on the
    "favourites" tab, they're all in there... "You just twiddle the knobs until your hair stands on end" - Phil Oakey
  6. avatar vampiremonkeyonspeed
    seems like a lot of bother for nowt,you couldjustcopy your favourites from one machine to another, or go to sausagesoftware and get their "silver thingy" which contains your netscape andIE bookmarks WWW.LISTEN.TO/GECKO
  7. avatar Wasp Boy
    Feline1, you have a finger in every pie on this site. Calm down. You're not even living here anyway. Oh joy, I wait for your intellectual yet mindless retort. How many hours a day do you spend on the=is crap? Have you nothing to do?

    Obviously not , since that kook Feline2 isn't with you to hold your knackers whilst you churn out "music" akin to Bristol's answer to the Pet Shop Boys.

    Good luck.