1. avatar Tiernan Welch
    My first post!
    Please will someone tell me what the little moving icons beside certain names mean. I haven't been out in day for fear.
  2. avatar Chancellor of the Word
    They mean nothing at all.
    You can turn them on or off or choose your own (if they're on a website) from your profile.
  3. avatar die the flu
    Cower before the might of my little flickering flame!!!! SOMOS FEOS Y PESTAMOS Y PERO RENOMAS HOTO MUTHAFUCKER!!
  4. avatar Tiernan Welch
    Thank you boys, you have saved me.
  5. avatar Lipsybaby
    My first post!
    Mine is a baby with lips, and the ability to kick people in the teeth.

    Very small people, or people with very long teeth. *****Smokin'Arizona*****