1. avatar feline1
    Rog, I was feeling remourseful for my deeply unsound use of Micro$hite Internet Explorer 5.0 these past few months (there, I've said it in public! I'm a capitalist fraud!) ...

    ...so I tried using Netscape 4.08 instread:
    for some reason, nearly all the text on FastFude because unfeasibly small and in the end I had to give up. Didn't matter what browser settings I adjusted.

    Any ideas?
  2. avatar zebulon
    Rog has used Cascading Style Sheets to universally set the fonts, and unfortunately Netscape and IE interpret the font sizes differently.

    This is one of the many curses of web designers.
  3. avatar feline1
    and what about when ewe try looking at it with lynx?!?

  4. avatar zebulon
    Is Lynx HTML 4 compliant?
  5. avatar feline1
    this is a good question, and since I'm bored with not enough work to do, I shall damn well find out!

    Pass me my surfboard... ;-)
  6. avatar feline1
    The most recent version of lynx is version 2.8.2, which was released on the 1st of June 1999.

    did specifically see mention that it "had better support than most browers from HTML 4.0 internationalisation [font] issues"

    Howver apparently it's HTML implementation is closest to "HTML Pro DTD"

    Not being a web guru, I'm not familiar with what that means (although the text I read certainly implied that HTML Pro DTD was better than HTML 3.0, which Lynx is fully supportive of).

    The next lynx version will be 3.0, which I imagine will have major upgrades to support all sorts of stuff, since it has a new primary version number....

  7. avatar Electro man
    My first post!
    Just thought I would put my nose in Im in the same small letter crisiss. http://www.geocities.com/djndcentral/index.htm
  8. avatar zebulon
    OK here's your solution.
    Click Edit
    Click Preferences
    Click Advanced (from the bottom of the list on the left hand side of the pop-up)
    On the options that appear on the right hand side of the pop-up, deselect Enable Style Sheets.
    Click OK.
    Now reload the contents of your browser window.
    But please note that Style Sheets are used on a great deal of up to date sites, and disabling this feature may completely screw up how you see other sites (including ff). ++
    listen to S'gottaBomb
  9. avatar feline1
    That's Zeb, I shall try that for more ideologically sound browsing.
  10. avatar fastfude
    i hate netscape. really, I do. you'd understand if you'd been through the last 2 weeks of my job with me. What a bitch-ass, monkey-lovin', whore-beatin', paint-strippin', cheese-lover it is. And don't even get me started on Explorer. oh man. Pass the horse tranquiliser...
  11. avatar feline1
    Well then Rog, make the change to lynx
    Ewe know it makes sense.
    See http://www.lynx.browser.org
  12. avatar Micky Corbett
    My first post!
    Rog, you could writeithe site from the ground up instead of using one
    of those designers. They tend to add a lot of unnecessary code
    But before you spit out your lunch in disgust, it just means that
    you know exactly what your page does. Also you could write text
    and various commands in JavaScript, and create your own library.
    It also loads faster.
    But as ever I'm just comfortable on the fence..
  13. avatar feline1
    Yes but I just thought I'd say,
    that for some disturbing reason, I can't get
    Micro$hite Wimbows 98 to boot this afternoon,
    so here I am via Netscape Navigator on Red Hat Linux 5.2.........
    and, yes, all the writing was TINY until I did what Zeb said all those months ago, and disablestyle sheets and over-rode Rog's fonts.

    Well, thank goodness for Linux, readers......
  14. avatar feline1
    Can someone help purlease - I'm back to using Netscape 4.08 on MS Wimbows 98, and I've disabled style sheets like Zeb says above (and told Netscape to always use my own fonts and colours), but the text here is STILL smaller than it ought to be, plus some of Rog's colours are still coming through.
    What the feck is the matter!?
    My browsing experience is ahine :-(